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About the World Setting


Wow, this is a very hard thing to write...

O.K. I'm going to be blunt, this story is very much inspired on the universe that is Warcraft however it is in no way, shape or form directly related to anything Blizzard Entertainment has done or will do.

After a catastrophe on their home world, nomads of various different races travelled the stars in an attempt to find a new home for themselves. Before the great catastrophe the races were divided and fought a fruitless series wars but in the hour of need all their leaders banded together and saved as many of their citizens as they could. They travelled from world to world in an attempt to find a new home. In some cases they would step onto a new world and find nothing but hostility awaiting them, in other cases the races would attempt to set up a new civilization. Some races would occasionally split up from the main group of nomads to try and integrate with native races from the world but frequently it was found that the world wasn't large enough to support such vast numbers in such a short period of time.

Through the use of strange and mystic artefact the nomads found on an alien world they were able to traverse the starts much faster but most worlds that they were lead to were mostly filled with demons and misshapen monstrosities. With each venture to each world with the use of the artefact a scouting party was sent ahead to survey the land. Eventually the scouts reported back that they had found a suitable world and the nomads made there way to there possible new home. Upon arrival the world looked harsh and barren, no sign of vegetation or life. With no vegetation it was questionable of how they would survive. The scouts then lead the way for their people and eventually they approached a massive chasm, it's length ran so long it went beyond the horizon in both directions and a faint light was coming from it.

As the citizens looked over the edge they saw how different life was on this world. The walls of this chasm was rich with vegetation and wild life, animals were grazing on these grass planes and defying gravity at the same time. Eventually they were lead in a few numbers down a ramp which beyond half way became an ascension to the new lands. This world didn't work by any conventional standard and as they looked up they could see the other side of the wall littered with just as much life and all of them defying gravity as much as they now were. As citizens ventured forth into the realm they found themselves at the heart of the world and in the presence of a colossal ornate pillar that they later named to Kaldrassil, crown of the stars.

Decades later and the civilization prospered on what they named to be Terrace Three. On initial arrival of Terrace Three they had found the remains of an abandoned city and over time moved in claiming it for their own. Now they civilization suffers highs and lows as there is not enough work for everyone and those out of work are forced to live in slums until something can be done to mitigate the poverty. In times like these small time villains take their chance and spread corruption and dissonance making life on Terrace Three harder. Thieves, junkies and murders run control over certain sections of the city and the Special Enforcement Division (S.E.D.) try hard to keep these sectors in check.