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FOR THE HORDE!!! - Xenogelion 06/06/2016
Hey guys and gals

So things have been a bit manic and crazy. Long story short I ended up dealing with a lot of crap from work the week before last weekend and then manic travelling and what what threw me off actually getting a post out last weekend. Hell I'm still managing to miss the weekends with this post.

So I've been getting back into World of Warcraft and holy potato! It feels good to get back into WoW, not the last expansion though, that can now rot in super... no, mega hell! I've made myself a female Pandaren Warrior and when I first played it I had no idea how to play it, see most classes have three abilities you pretty much focus on using and especially 1 that is used while you're waiting for your resource (mana, rage, holy power) to charge up, however my Warrior had nothing. BTW I should point out that I boosted my Warrior to 90 as I had it left over from when I bought the expansion that shall not be named. So to cut a long story short, A boosted character is slowly spoon fed their abilities and talents. However they screwed up one MASSIVE THING, they didn't put on my hotbar the 1 ability that will be the one I commonly use. I was so confused for so Long that I ended up talking with my Warrior buddy and asked, what the hell am I doing wrong, this just doesn't feel right! Low and behold we found the problem. Maybe it was punishment for boosting my character, who knows.

Anyway I went to go see the Warcraft movie again on Sunday and I can't recommend this movie enough! So I feel this youtuber's video covers a lot about the media the movie has been getting. For a video game adaptation, I feel Warcraft is by far the best, sorry Super Mario Bros (joke). There are a couple of points where the CGI looks a little jankey and one point where it's not suitable for 3D but overall I loved the plot and I really hope for a series of Warcraft films.

Double anyway, I know things have been quiet on the Kingdom Star front but hopefully that will change as time goes on. I know Yee is super busy trying to deal with Jobs and running around chasing people at the moment but hopefully we'll have something for people soon.


OMFG! I SUCK AT THIS! - YeeTsun 25/05/2016

I blame being poked and prodded at the hospital this morning. Well, they didn't sit there and go "Well that's not right?!" or "OMGWTFBBQ?!" whilst I was being scanned (It was an ultrasound. No, it's not because I/They think I'm pregnant. That would need to involve divine intervention.) Now to just wait whilst they get a report to my GP to find out if there is anything wonky.

Now to get a train. Busy Yee is busy. (I nearly typoed that as busty...which while true, not what I was going for.)

I'm heading to London (again) primarily for MCM London Comic Expo. I will be sharing a table near the back of the Comic Village Area selling KS comics and random sketches and what not. Come say "Hi" if you at the con ^_^.

So I gotta get going to not miss my train.

Have a good one!



Go to

On your keyboard press: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A (keep pressing A)

See what happens.(This definitely works on Opera and Chrome)

The code doesn't need to be put in a field just go to the page and bash it out on the keyboard.

Delayed Post - Xenogelion 24/05/2016
Hey all, so sorry for the delay in posting, it's been a very manic week.

So first things first, I've been asked to do a talk at a YouTuber panel at TennoCon!!! It was crazy exciting as when one of the staff members at Digital Extremes contacted me about it it was like midnight and I got so super jacked I couldn't sleep till like 2:30am.

Also went to go see X-Men: Apocalypse. I enjoyed it a lot, leagues better than Batman v Superman but not as good as Captain America Civil War. I felt Civil War to be amazing but there were a few plot points that were over looked, still bloody amazing for what it was. X-Men: Apocalypse was great but I feel they tried to put too much into the film, there are a couple of points I felt should be removed to give more time for other aspects of the film but yeah.

Next week is Warcraft: The Beginning, originally I wasn't that excited for it as they used an original logo in the beginning but now they have taken to using the games logo instead. Additionally the technology they have used on Orgrim and the other Orcs looks freaking amazing!!! I know that they plan on doing the film a lot of justice after all the public spotlighting the cast have done.

So next thing I want to highlight is that Yee will be attending London MCM expo this coming weekend, she'll be in the "Artists Ally" or the "Comic Corner" or the actual name they give it (sorry I suck and don't know). She's currently got the first run of Kingdom Star prints with her and she'll be there looking to engage with anyone. I believe (and could be wrong) that Yee will also be doing commissions as well so heck, you could get an original piece done by Yee!

Anyway enough of my ramblings, time for the rest of the week!

Bang Goes The Drum - YeeTsun 18/05/2016
Hello again!

Another busy week. Another trip to the Doctors. Another load of tablets to take but at least these things are working. And I've been told by several people that I'm looking better. Hurray!

Aside from that, this week has been a musical week again.

First though, a quick Warcraft 3 update. Arthas is still a dick. Kel'theas is too squishy. YAY ORCS
*Glares at Blizzard* You have had me stay up to long and too late keeping that sodding Lich alive...Undead...and the current plane of existance...Whatever!!

Annnnywhoooo! Back to the music stuff. I went to see a Taiko Drum troupe on Sunday. I have seen Mugenkyo four time now and they are amazing. If you get the chance to see them, do. They are based in Scotland, with the founder being from Bristol (iirc) So it's kinda fun when she greet the audience and starts speaking Japanese with a West-Country-with-a-twinge-of-Scotish accent.

This time was a little different for the previous shows as they had guest Drummers called Art Lee and Yukari Ichise from Wadaiko Tokara , a troupe from Japan. Now don't get me wrong when I say this, I love Mugenkyo, but these two were amazing and honestly, blew Mugenkyo out of the water. Really fluid performances and fantastic energy. Yukari in particular was insane. It must have been a great experience for both troupes as well as the audience.

These not many dates left of this tour but I really recommend going to see them if you get the chance.
One final thing. I will be at MCM London Expo at the in the Comic Village, sharing a table with Guiseppa / Ryuuza. Come say "Hi," Buy a comic, get a commission drawn ^_^

See you around :D


Delayed Sunday - Xenogelion 15/05/2016
Sorry peeps, I ended up getting distracted and failed to release this post on time.

Currently I'm in the process of doing a whole lot of nothing. Been trying to relax yesterday and today but it's been a rough as hell week. One of the plus sides of the relaxinating is I've been watching the show Banshee. I'd describe it as NCIS meets Game of Thrones in the setting of the hick town from True Blood... it's really good, I've done the first three seasons in a week.

I've also watched all of what's currently available for the 7th season of Archer, honestly I'm not that taken by it. Most of my friends will tell you I'm an absolute dire hard Archer fan but the 7th season from eipsodes 1-6 have felt like nothing but one over repetitive joke, hell two of the episodes felt like a season directly taken the Dark Knight.

I also bought Doom yesterday but only got to play it today, feck me a 43GB download, seriously that's cray cray. I've played it for about an hour and a half and I'm enjoying it. In my eyes it's not really doom because the shotgun feels so underwhelming but I think they're taking a bioshock approach to it where the player can upgrade the weapons to have more cachook.

Unfortunately I didn't get around to making the twitter feature yet because I've been trying to deal with work crap but I thought I'd build a feature into MySite that actually monitors how many of you lovelies actually receive the adverts from both my services AND project wonderful. Just a little pet project (addition) because I honestly wondered if I could find out. I was very shocked by the effectiveness but now I just have to wait for the results to build up ^_^.

That's about it from me for now, sorry it wasn't released on time but I'll en devour to fix that for next time.
Oh here's the intro theme to Banshee, freaking love it and could listen to it all day.


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