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Sun Yue Shen

Gender: Female
Race: Kuumao
Class: Monk
Occupation: Research & Development
Status: Alive
Relatives: Li Yue Shen (mother, deceased), Yu'hof (father), Hou Lai Shen (grandfather), Dai Yue Shen (grandmother)


Sun Yue, commonly known as Sunni, was born into a noble red Kuumoa family. The Shen family is part of Shen-Tong Industries, a company founded after the great pilgrimage. However, Sunni was considered an outcast at birth as she was born out of wedlock and with a lower class citizen for a father. However bitter the lord of the family was he could never do ill to his own daughter, Li Yue, and as such nothing was done against Sunni. A few months later a rouge house within the family took action against Li Yue and Sun Yue and sought to murder them for their blemish upon the family name. Li Yue used herself to protect Sun Yue and employed various tactical advantages which allowed her to prevail against her assailant. Sun Yue was safe but Li Yue's wounds were devastating. As Li Yue lay their on her death bed, her father, Hou Lai, felt more conflicted than ever before while he held his granddaughter in his arms. The turmoil of knowing that not only did he hold his only heir but also the cause of his daughters tragic death.


Sunni was brought up in the homestead of Hou Lai and Dai Yue, her grandmother, however she was always treated unfairly by her family for being the runt of the litter. As Hou Lai got older he grew to be more bitter and twisted against Sunni while Dai Yue grew more distant. When Sunni reached six years old she was moved into the servants quarters and given an education only through books and what the servants taught her. By the age of nine, three of her cousins offered to play a game with her but instead ended up trapping her in a sewer system. By ten, Sunni realised that her childhood was one of prejudice and torment, through time and perseverance she discovered who her father was and fled from her grandparent's home.

A New Home

Upon discovering her father was a black kuumao monk, she began her journey from Terrace III to IV where the monastery he was from was located. It took Sunni little over six months to get there due to leaving her family's estate and not realising that the trip would require currency if she wanted to get there quickly. After reaching the monastery she finally found her father. Her father would appear to her at first a war torn warrior who's disfiguring scars would be signs of triumph but soon after she discovered that the fate of her mother was also attempted on her father also.

As the days turned into weeks, months and then years, Sunni attempted to learn the ways of the monk and was quite competent to control the fire spirits, she didn't quite get the hang of the other spirits though. On her 14th birthday she asked her father a troubling question, "Why do you not seek vengeance for what the Shen family did to you and my mother?". Yu'hof was deeply concerned that after years of living the way of the monk that his daughter would still feel such burning resentment against her own kin. For a while Yu'hof took Sunni to a remote part of Terrace IV where he personally trained her to let go of her hatred for the Shen family, to release the mental abuse of her being the cause of Li Yue's death and her father's own torture.

Tredding a New Path

At the age of 17 Sunni decided that it was time for her to be her own person. She no longer was fixated on the destruction of the Shen family but she wasn't also able to learn the ways of the monk, her father always said something profound like "Your cup is too full to experience the wonders of nature". In time Sunni realised that her father was right, she didn't live for the old ways, she wanted to create new ones.