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Rune Elves


The Rune elves are a magically gifted race that have suffered many hardships throughout their development to becoming some of the greatest magic wielders of the Old World. Suffering through blind arrogance they're the ones who opened the Void Tear in Uwl'Esrad and with the aid of the Wyld Elves sealed it behind the great barrier. The Rune Elves were also the ones to first make contact with beings within the Void and get introduced to Fel magic, after which they had a curse inflicted upon them causing them all to become addicted to magical energies.


Rune Elves

Of the old world the race most adept for powers of the Arcane were that Rune Elves, named so for their mystic arts. Certain parts of the Old world thrummed with mystic energies better than that of others, one in particular was the land they called Uwl'Esrad (Erupting Void). When the Rune Elves, or Wel'Thar in their tongue, laid claim to the land of Uwl'Esrad they built a monumental city known as Uwlvasta Maive (Voidstar City). The Rune Elves fancied their most gifted to be their leaders and as time progressed onward one Elf was seen as the highest ranking official amongst them all, Sylrassa Riversong. She lead her people into a time of prosperity and discovery where they advanced rapidly through the arts of the arcane.

Uwl'Esrad and Uwlvasta were aptly named for the presence of a fount which leaked Arcane energies into their world. The fount would in fact make the surrounding region's natural Arcane energies more malleable and gave the Rune Elves the opportunity to learn the ways of the Arcane a lot faster and easier. Quickly the Elves found themselves manipulating the components and metastates of the world creating sources of food with a mere flick of the wrist and thus the era of magic was born.

As the years went on the Rune Elves found themselves under attack by radical extremists of their own kind, Elves that believed their kind shouldn't be ripping apart the laws of causality and reality but instead learn to embrace the other more natural energies around them. Over time these extremists would attack Research Institutes to stop great advancements in Arcane Magic; after a time one attack destabilized an experiment. The catastrophic results of the attack were dire; The scene spanned a mile across and every elf within it dead. The research that was being conducted was that of manipulating the metaphasic characteristics of the mortal form allowing the caster to becomes unphased with traditional matter.

Civil War

After the catastrophe of exceptionally dangerous research being conducted within a densely populated area and the thousands of Elves losing their lives, the Elves of Uwl'Esrad found themselves their first civil war. Sides were drawn, those who were against the extremists for causing the disaster after meddling with such sensitive research and those who were against the regime for putting millions of Elven lives in danger just to further their juvenile understanding of Arcane magics.

The extremists opting to use magics more in tuned with the natural elements called themselves Wyld Elves whereas those who remain to serve the regent cabinet remained the Rune Elves. High Regent Sylrassa was torn between the Rune and the Wyld, she agreed with both sides as the furthering the research for the Arcane was indeed important the damaged that was done causing the thousands to die couldn't be overlooked. Neither sides methods could be justified but with the loss of so many lives, regardless of the cause, the High Regent sided with the Wyld.

Voidstar over the years became divided in two and most of it lay in ruins. The Elves fought for 10 years before the great disaster happened.

Tear of the Void

Drawing to the end of the war information was leaked to the Wyld Elves that Rune Elves planned on forcing open the mouth of the Void open, this was to allow them access to greater amounts of arcane energies and to decimate their foe. Upon hearing this the Wyld Elves planned a mass evacuation not for the fear of the overwhelming power but for the fact that that power couldn't possibly be controlled.

As predicted when the Rune Elves forced open a tear to the Void the event itself destabilized and rapidly grew. Evacuation orders were given and most escaped however many who were close to the event were lost to the void as the tear grew. All but three of the Regents died, Vandor Escals, Dreagor Druckar and Elisa Frunas. These three lead their people away from the violent lands of Uwl'Esrad. Vandor, Dreagor, Elisa and Sylrassa met and spoke about unification, the talks did not end has the racial leaders had wanted. The Wyld Elves wanted to abolish all that the Rune Elves had and if this were to come to pass the Rune Elves would have nothing.

Two things came from the meeting, one was the unified effort to seal the Void tear encasing the region in a bubble fueled by the very power spilling out from it. On the exterior of that a barrier of fire, wind and plant keeping any out whom foolish enough to attempt to enter. The second thing, a treaty was formed between the Wyld and the Rune, they would go their separate ways and the leaders would keep each other apprised of the works that were going on; in hope that someday Uwl'Esrad could be habitable once more.

Warlocks & Fel Magic

After the Void Tear first opened and Uwlvasta abandoned the Rune Elves found a new home in the far South in a region they named Sez'Nadal (Sky Lands). Sez'Nadal, a bizarre land with floating land masses due to the arcane and nature magics mixed together. The Rune Elves set up a new home city in this vibrant land and they slowly built the City of Sez Sudan (Sky Kingdom). Once a home was established the Rune Elves began to locate the multiple small Void Fonts supplying the land with arcane energies and began building special dams allowing the energies to flow out at a fix rate but also protecting them from anyone tampering with them.

The three Regents determined that they had to take responsibility for the great tear and it was deemed that Vandor would create a research institute whos sole purpose was to study the Void Founts and find a way to repair the tear. The institute was built around one of the founts located far from the city, on a land mass far from the main continent. As time went on and their studies deepened the researchers discovered a being within the void itself. They were able to make contact with the being and learnt much from it however, to some Elves protest, the being was not allowed through the fount incase of another tear. The being, calling itself Hekracrok, taught them of a new kind of magic which would be provided by beings such as himself if of course the two parties were in agreement.

With this new Fel Magic the Rune Elves grew more powerful and too quickly did they realise the cost of this new found power. A curse, much like a plague, spread throughout their people causing each and everyone one of them to react to the mere presence of magic. For most of the Rune Elves, those who were proficient in any of the mystic arts, suffered greatly as they were perpetually suffering from withdrawal to something that they had never experienced. Those who were wielders of the Arcane magic, untrusting of Fel Magic, were able to stave off the withdrawal but those who used Fel magic quickly went mad with power.

As the Decades went on, the perpetually doomed race staved off their inflicted addiction and even those whom were not magic wielders managed to survive their daily life. Those who suffered the most were the soldiers of the Rune Elves as they would find themselves fighting a caster and when struck with a spell they would feel it the most.

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