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A Paladin, fallen or otherwise, is an individual how has been blessed with the powers of a Deity. These powers manifest in different ways, such as preventing someone from being hurt to consecrating the ground burning those who wish to hurt the Paladin with holy flames. These abilities are only granted by a Deity if the Paladin follows the edict given to them, to pursue justice and uphold peace.



In all the wars between the Orc tribes and humans kingdoms the races of the old world didn't always have access to the Light. By the third war Paladins finally made their appearance and the way of the Light only appeared in the race of man, at first. The way of the light was found by a single man having faith in an old legend of deities visiting his world. This first man was Captain Astren Doncast of the town of Silverdawn, kingdom of Ethren. His home was attacked by a battalion of Trolls, they tore the towns defenses to shreds. Amongst the chaos Captain Doncast found himself trapped along with many of his guard and the general populace in the old town hall when it was set ablaze. Time grew short and the building collapsed and sunk deep into the earth, the sole survivor of the calamity was Captain Doncast as he was badly injured. Beneath the town were strange catacombs and as he explored trying to find his way out he happened upon a chamber ornate in detail depicting the deities. He read what he could about them and eventually he began to prey to them, pledging his devotion and worship to them if they would help him protect his kingdom as he had failed to protect his home. His payers were answered by an astral voice that reached deep into his soul but the deities didn't want his devotion, they wanted his dedication to justice. From there the weary soldier felt anew and ascended to the world above, he then proceeded to spread the teachings of the deities and soon the race of man had squads of Paladins.

Path to Justice

During the third war Doncast with his own squadron of five Paladins were used frequently by King Alexander Stoneguard as a personal assassination squad for mass slaughter. The last mission they served under the banner of Stoneguard was a mission to kill a defenseless tribe of Orcs. Disgusted by the last order from their king most of the Paladins disavowed they their loyalty to the royal family but not to humanity or justice. They swore that they would keep everyone, human or otherwise, safe from injustice and senseless slaughter and in doing so they created the Order of the Golden Hammer.

As time went on the instructors of the Light proceeded to teach other races that showed potential in manipulating Holy magic the ways of the Paladin. The Dwarves were the next race to accept the Way of the Light and following them were the Nandu and Rune Elves. The Nandu were the most adapt at learning the ways where as the Rune Elves struggled the most due to their natural gift towards Arcane magic but they persevered with under their prince's guidance. During the third war tensions rose between the Rune Elves and Humans; Humanity treated the Elves as slave labor and cannon fodder after taking them in as refugees. After the tension came to a boil the Rune Elves broke their allegiance with humans and processed to join the Order of the Orcs.

The final races that joined the teachings of the Way of the Light were allies of the Order of the Orcs, The Herd. The Herd were taught by the Rune Elves several years after they defected from the nation of man. Initially the Rune Elves abandoned the teachings of the Paladins because they no longer wanted to be affiliated with the Humans. A few years after their defection their prince, having his personal reasons for this, requested that the Run Elf Paladins returned to the Ways to the Light and spread the teachings to the only other races within the Order of the Orcs, the Herd. The Herd was the only race within the Order, bar the Rune Elves themselves, that showed any potential in using Holy magic and thus they were taught.

A Deity Standing Alone

After the grievous mistake of the Nandu where they had created the Demons Gate the Demon God Dra'kule saw the mortals attempt to use such strong magic to reach out to his realm as an insult. Though the magic was strong it wasn't enough to allow Dra'kule to enter to their realm and instead the Demon God placed a devastating blight upon the interloping species. When a Nandu would become 10 years of age their body suffer a debilitating disease causing their bodies to shut down, this curse was spread through out all the Nandu people and laid dormant in each of their souls.

The Paladin's of the Nandu turned to their Deities and cried for mercy, for forgiveness and a release to the disease that would befall their young. The Deities liked the Nandu and they spoke to a single prophet, Ixus. They told him to look upon the heavens and watch of a sign of their coming. Several months went by and each day and night Ixus would wait outside for the sign that the Deities had informed him about. Finally on a clear night a falling star screamed across the night sky and landed not far from his home. When investigating of the fallen star he saw a large rock with an large amount of crystals protruding from the surface. He thought to himself Could this be the sign and upon touching one of the crystals he felt a familiar voice speak to him. It was that of one of the Deities and they informed him that he was to break off the crystal he was holding and bring it to his skin. When he did so it quickly rooted through his body and proceeded to protrude to where he had placed it. Ixus then knew, this was the remains of his Deities and they had sacrificed so much to save an entire species.

Now only one Deity remains to grant the Holy power of the Paladin, En'var (The last of us). As En'var now alone provides his strength amongst the mortals Paladins grew few and far between making their role in the Golden Hammer all that more important.

The Paladins of Velan'Sha

After the devastation of the Argoth and the colonization of Velan'Sha the Paladins that were the remains of the Golden Hammer were put together as a peace keeping force known as the Special Enforcement Division and governed by Arden Dawncraft, Paladin and Human chancellor of the council of 14. The Special Enforcement Division consists of both Priests and Paladins. Priests can manifest a fraction of the Holy magic that a Paladin can, because a Priest gets their magic from the light of celestial bodies, e.g. The Sun, Moon or Kaldrissal itself. As there is such a larger number of Priests in existence they are treated as the lower end S.E.D officer and the Paladin more of a shock trooper only to be used in an emergency case.

Fallen Paladins & Ex-Paladins

When a Paladin breaks the code of conduct the old god that supports them and provides them with the holy power revolves their right to that power. Many young potential Paladins loose focus of their discipline and become power hungry and they lose the right to the holy power of the old gods very quickly. These individuals are considered Ex-Paladins. Fallen Paladins are a different breed, These are individuals have not succumb to the temptations of greed that can come from being a Paladin can induce; however they can become confused in their duties and even though misguided. Paladins that have been doing their duties for years can suffer the delusions of injustice, as a result they can pass judgement on the innocent which can result in death. Fallen Paladins are often arrested and imprisoned for life without chance of release.