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Xbox One is not the first Xbox - Xenogelion 24/05/2013
So both myself and Yee are gamers and we've been thinking that the Xbox One is out right brain damaged. This morning I looked into the different aspects of the console and these are the negative points I've found (I honestly didn't find anything positive):

  • The Xbox One is not backwards compatible with any previous titles because apparently the architecture is too different (Emulate it no?).
  • The console needs an internet connection for every game but the upside is for single player games it only needs to be online once every 24 hours.
  • In order to buy a pre-owned game customers must contact Microsoft and pay an unlock fee to de-register the game's licence so you can then tie it to your gamer tag instead. This means you can no longer lend games less you give your friends access to your XBLA account.
  • The console needs to be hooked up with a Kinect (comes with the console) and it's inbuilt mic is always on (to allow to boot from voice command).
  • Because the console is technically a home entertainment system (it has the ability to received a TV signal) and as a result it is subject to TV licensing laws.
  • The only thing you get to keep from your XBLA account is your achievement points, none of the XBLA games will work on the Xbox One. It is not confirm or dismissed you'll loose the games when the accounts transition over to the new platform.

I don't know about you guys or Yee but I'm down right shocked that this is the next generation of console. I do know that a gamer tag gets registered to a single console and each time I go to a friends I have to re-register my gamer tag so I can play games; for some reason it downloads some random faff that takes an age. I'd be incredibly angry to find out that if I register my gamer tag on a friend's Xbox One that a) I can't bring it back to my Xbox 360 or b) that the stuff that doesn't work (like my copy of Sonic 3 on XBLA) has disappeared from my account. I'm interested to know other people's opinions on this matter:

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Subscriptions - Xenogelion 21/05/2013
I'm sat here today thinking of so many different ways to try and come up with an introduction, here's what I got so far:

"Greetings one and all to another auto piloted message of..."

"inasdbsgonasd oaisndoignis aisdnasbd (<- roles face across keyboard)"

So obviously now that the half baked introduction is complete let me get on and discuss with you what I've been doing for most of this past week. First there was the gawking at the pages Yee has produced (I love page 5 but unfortunately you guys will have to wait till the 12th of June to see it). We've been having various different discussions about where we want to take Kingdom Star (like if we just want to keep it as a web comic and nothing more) but it's all really brief; Yee wants to make sure that there are enough pages ready so that if her Masters course work turns around and gives her a problem the comic isn't hindered.

I've also been feverishly building additional features into the web application that Kingdom Star runs off. One thing I get a lot of is (a couple of) people turning to me saying "Drew I don't use Facebook or Twitter, build in an RSS feed". I honestly have zero experience with RSS, I've never used it and out of the large number of people I know maybe 2 of them use it where they don't use facebook. I wasn't prepared to build a feature for the minority that won't use Facebook or Twitter to follow us to then only cater for the smaller minority that uses RSS instead. So what have I done instead? I built in a subscription email McJiggers. So it works by:

  • The person selects the updates they want to receive
  • They types in their email address
  • They hit return/enter
  • They go to their email and click the verification link in the confirmation email
  • Job done!

So when a new page is released an email gets sent out to the list of recipient emails (don't worry, it's done 1 at a time so no one can see your email) and they're notified about the new Comic Page. Later this will work for Galleries too.

The next relatively important feature is called Comic Memory where the page follows where you've been reading. So say you're happily reading away and you get to page 5 but you go away on holiday for a month. When you come back there has been an additional 4 pages but you'll have to go backwards through all the new content before you can continue from where you left off. Comic Memory follows your reading and could be done in a number of different ways:

  • Readers have to log in for Comic Memory to know where you last work
  • Cookies could be used for Comic Memory
  • External IP Address could be used for Comic Memory

The choices were relatively problematic. People wouldn't want to log in, it's too much effort for something so mundane. Cookies are easily deleted and quite often are. External IP Address' can change if a home Router is ever reset. The decision I had to make was a relatively difficult one and I decided to go for the External IP Address. In choosing the External IP it made the job relatively simple, if a person is going to the comic page but there was no record of them previously viewing it then Comic Memory will default to the last page. I'll attempt to see if I can come up with a better more concrete solution but this is what I've currently got thus far.

Anyhoo, this is a chunk of the work I've been doing towards Kingdom Star, all for the progress of comics... delicious comics ;)


Launch - Xenogelion 14/05/2013
Mmm lunch...

Greetings one and all to a fine and glorious day! Today is the day we get to inflict upon you great want and desire. OK I'm seriously over stepping things as how can you want and desire something when you've only read one page. Have you seen that page! Yee did an absolutely amazing job especially with all the buildings and... wow that's just insane levels of work right there.

Just so you know, we're purposefully aiming to have everything 100% hand drawn in pencil (Yee: Ok, 90%. The borders and speech bubbles etc are digital. My handwriting is poop for this sort of thing). We also aim to have the comic released every Wednesday at midnight; a little info just for those of you who wish to follow our every action... We wouldn't mind ; ). After all this being said we hope you enjoy the Kingdom Star webcomic and we do hope you like it so much you go and tell the others.

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