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The Future - Xenogelion 24/04/2016
Greetings one and all

So Yee and I have both decided we need to keep our community engaged so we don't loose any of you however it's highly difficult when production of Kingdom Star is completely dependant on wacky every day life stuff! As it stands Yee and I are waylaid by pretty much anything that comes our way, heck as my colleagues and they'll vouch that I never have a chance to get on with my work because I'm busy fixing someone else's mess!

Regardless I digress, the point of these posts are a way to keep our community engaged WHILE at the same time proving we're still alive and try to keep things interesting for our readers. I will certainly try and keep posts Kingdom Star related BUT there's a decent chance I may talk about other side projects or any games and what what that catches my eye. Additionally Yee and I will aim to release these posts weekly, I'll release on Sundays while Yee will aim to release on Wednesdays.

ENOUGH OF THE BORING DRIBBLE! Time for something that's caught my eye, World of Warcraft Legion. So I'm a pretty die hard fan of WoW and I love a lot of the Lore that the likes of Chris Metzen and Not Chris Metzen have written... however since Chris Metzen left the WoW Lore to Not Chris Metzen it's like they instantly started scraping the bottom of the barrel in 1 expansion. Like every villain that was dead before is now not dead... the current expansion Warlords of Draenor was a complete waste of time because a) it involved time travel to the past and b) altering the past had 0 effect on the present. So what was the point of the expansion, to change a shite ton of already estabilished lore. Demons can no longer die unless they're killed in their own demonic realm (which we can't get to) and the first big bad from the very first game (Warcraft Orcs & Humans) has been taken out of the alternate universe past and sent to current universe present. Why you ask? Because Not Christ Metzen clearly cannot come up with any new villains!


anyway that's a long enough post so I'll leave you guys to it and I'll see you next week!

Merry Christmas from Kingdom Star - Xenogelion 25/12/2013
We thought a video message would be nicer than a post ;)


No Comic this week... - Xenogelion 04/07/2013
So why no webcomic this week you ask:

"Right, I absolutely hate to do this but, nbut I'd rather say this now and end up rushing and giving you glorified stick figures....

My apologies guys there is not going to be a page this week.
I've had a fall out with my uni work of the last few weeks and this has affected me doing the comic. I lost my head start with it and am now behind. JOY.

Things will continue as normal from next week.

Sorry again and please excuse me while I go and stop the cats from attempting to eat a bee that's trapped in the house and getting stung in her mouth...again -_____-" - Yee

Additionally it's time to announce this weeks GiveAway winner to be Eyskhp... I honestly have no idea how the heck you're meant to pronounce that...

Finally we have been advertising on Facebook the Kingdom Star comic. Yee and I discussed this through and we decided that it's just not a good medium to advertise, that's why on the website you'll find a "Top Comics" button which helps us bring up our popularity on the site If you feel that you want to help bring general awareness to the comic please go ahead and hit that button, obviously we're very low down in the rankings ^_^.

Thanks very much, see you next week ^_^

Progress - Xenogelion 25/06/2013
Greetings one and all... that's right, you guys!

On Sunday we released a new piece of Gallery art and I had a bit of an "oh god darn it!" moment. Because I used the word "Paladin" in the description the article filter kicked in and now it's linking to the Paladin article I've been writing. Of course I could simply turn off the filter or in fact remove the word paladin but I thought, you know what, lets just leave it there. So you can now see the Paladin article which gives a brief back story to what they're all about. Go find it!

Another thing we did was a Day giveaway for the game Batman Arkham Asylum on Steam. Absolutely no one signed up for the give away and people turned to me and went "should have put it up for more than a day and announced it better." This is me announcing it better:


if you ask nicely we may even tell you what the game is ^_^. The reason why we've got no giveaways currently happening on Google Plus is because there are only 2 people who follow the group (one of them is me) and we don't know what the rules are for such a thing. We honestly have interest in doing giveaways on G+ but without the crowd to follow we're not going to.

Lastly the secret Kingdom Star project, code name Frank, kinda got left to the back burner this weekend while I spent a long time trying to get my PC to stop BSoD, stupid PC D:.

Oh and I've got a Steam Trading Cards Beta Access invite if anyone wants one.

Kickstarter on a boom! - Xenogelion 31/05/2013
GREETINGS! do do do awana do do do... don't judge me.

Anyhoo, this friday I'm going to be talking to you about Kickstarter. So for about a year now I've been following various different Kickstarters:

  • Double Fine Adventure
  • Planetary Annihilation
  • Unforgotten Quest

and recently
  • Hex the MMO TCG

Now for those of you who don't know Double Fine Adventure was one of those big hit the floor running kind of deals. They asked for $400,000 to make a graphic point and click adventure game (like Monkey Island) and in 5 weeks they ended up raising $3,336,371 + stuff they got from paypal. HOLY COW! so apparently a lot of people wanted to see this kind of thing happen.

After a short time loads of indie developers jumped on this band wagon and some of them have been quite lack luster in keeping their backers informed of what's going on. Last night Tim Schafer (look him up) announced a new Kickstarter called MASSIVE CHALICE (yes all caps) and within the first 10 minutes made $10k and in 46 minutes made $83k. It's now been 22 hours and they've made $505k. I'm shocked and amazed that they've done this and some many people are just willing to back it.

I wonder what other crazy stuff you could do with Kickstarter?

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