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Humans, Orcs and Undead, OH MY - YeeTsun 11/05/2016
Hello all!

Welcome to another post of Yee babbling about things. This week I am babbling about: WARCRAFT.
Why? Well seeing as the movie is coming out soon I decided that due to the fact that I have been playing WoW on and off since about .... 6 months after The Burning Crusade (TBC) was released I should probably know the lore a little better than I do.

I will point out I had TBC from release but my Uni had decided that the best way to get internet to their older halls was via wi-fi, which couldn't hack the number of people on it. So it constantly cut out. Then I had to move back to my parents. Who at that point were on a 28kbs dial up connection. Yes. You did read that right. and Yes that was a torturous 2 months. Until I sorted out moving into the flat I was then rented for 5 years until I got my adult badge in Home owning and got that set to have a decent net connection. LIKE heck was I paying £8.99 a month to not be able to play. I WAS A STUDENT DAMMIT THAT WAS A WEEKS WORTH OF FOOD!

So why have I not picked up the lore via WoW? 1. Because in Vanilla wow it was easier to find clean sock in Xeno's bedroom (Sorry Not Sorry Xeno) than to find and follow plot on lore in vanilla WoW. 2. I have basically been dragged through the content by my little pointy ears/ horns (started off as a Blood Elf hunter, then became a Tauren Death Knight) in a not usually successful attempt to get up to level to allow me to do the fun things. So if i did read the quests it wasn't sinking in properly and I was usually only getting hints of it.
So, I've poked the WoW wiki but then decided a more fun way to do this would be to play the games. Of course, I don't have the first one and my copy of the Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness is....somewhere (I have literally just found it whilst typing this up -_-.) so I went with my convenient digital copy of Warcraft 3. Which is probably a good thing as the story in this really follows in to WoW.

And so far I'm enjoying it. I'm only part way through the Human campaign- I'm at the point where I need to punch Mal' Ganis in the face-, but it's been interesting going "Oooooh that must be X," "That's Uther!...Why did the nerf him in Heroes of the Storm?", "Wow Arthas is a douche balloon before he picked up that stupid sword...WHY DID NO ONE SEE THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?!-" and "I can kinda see why Jaina goes bug fuck insane." But I'm chomping at the bit to get to play the Orcs as I am Horde at heart.

As for the game it self, I'm really enjoying it. I'm not a huge fan of RTSs but Warcraft 3 so far has a good pace. Even the 30 minute survive mission wasn't a drag. I like that is quite cinematic. The only other RTS game i have invested a large amount of time in is Age of Mythologies which had a story but I can't really remember. I just have recollections of in level "cut scenes" were people would talk at you and maybe if you were lucky the characters moved around. But nothing made them stand out. I just recognised the odd name from Greek myths but i didn't get invested in them. In fact the reason I stopped playing that game as I got bored as it became a dull tick box exercise "get here, build this" etc. etc. Which, OK is the same in Warcaft 3 in many ways but I like that the heroes have a personality (even if they are asshats), you can actually level their abilities and there is a plot that is obviously more "these things don't like you, they are going to kill you, kill them first."

So on that note, I shall leave you now to do diving back into my gaming to try and have some inkling of who the people/creatures I am watching on the big screen are and not annoying the poop out of Drew and Loz when we go see it.


It's been a very long week - Xenogelion 08/05/2016
Holy cow beans!

Things have been absolutely crazy, I've been trying to find the time to do everything but hell that's totally not been happening. First off I've been manically trying to get a proto-type of Faulty Frame Squad episode 3 done. This is all because Yee is lovingly putting a character into the series through the power of animation!

It's been a very long long week! I'm also going to be adding some cool features to my web package so posts can be tweeted and facebooked and stuff!

It'll make sharing the info a lot easier.

All the best

London Calling - YeeTsun 04/05/2016
So I'm down in London this week. Travelled down to see Aurelio Voltaire on Sunday with a friend of mine and then do some chilling and some job hunting.

I have learnt many things:
  • Coaches are acceptable back up mode of transport when the tickets are cheap,
  • Performers drinking when they forget the lyrics doesn't help but makes thing more fun,
  • Smart phones are a good way remeber the lyrics if the artist has forgotten them (it was a song requested by a fan and he hadn't performed for a long while.)
  • Sexy Data Tango exists.
  • I'm not allowed in Build-a-Bear shops anymore as I just throw money at plushies (I now own a My Little Pony Princess Luna >_>)
  • Don't eat hotdogs from street food vendors
  • Always have a supply of plasters because my feet hate me
  • Singing "Chewie Chewbacca" to the tune of Ah Ha's "Take on Me" is bloody catchy...

I'm not able to type much this evening due to being on my tablet being a bit janky at the mo, (Unlike last week where my much more indepth post was cruely deleted by a website glitch)
So with that I bid you adieu.


Upgrading MySite - Xenogelion 01/05/2016
Greetings peeps

So a couple of things really for this Sunday's post: Not a huge deal to talk about but I've been working on improving the MySite package.

So for those of you who don't know the back end of mysite looks pretty... crap but it's functional and that's the important part... well when it works.

So down the left hand side of the "Contents" section there are a bunch of links which are used to insert BB code into the posts which in turn gets interpreted by MySite and makes the whole thing look like a happy piles of bees. Small catch, since I implemented this ages ago I since then implemented the javascript loading for comic pages and what what and as such... all hell broke loose and the BB code links stopped working. When I say stopped working they'd refresh the page you were on and bye bye all that you've written. Earlier in the week Yee was writing her post and happily pulling it all together when all of a sudden I heard (over teamspeak) "GAH!!!"

So Yee tried to use the BB code links and she lost her entire well laid out post and she wasn't happy. So what's the point of all this ramblings, well it's working now and I can happily say I fucking hate Javascript with a passion, seriously can I please have a way to debug this shit properly.

Anyway on a tangent now because I'm sure you don't care about the above stuff, I went to go see Captain America Civil War on friday and I was well impressed. See the Marvel Civil War event (comic books) was pretty much the turning point for me when it came to reading comics. The story had a great set up, kinda dragged it's heels, have some good political setting and then when it concluded... dropped the ball massively. However the movie, it has some good elements from the comics but left out all the crap and replaced it with good well thought out content. Like seriously it makes sense why half this stuff goes down and I was super impressed, this is also coming from someone who loved the first Captain America film and thought Winter Soldier was alright.

Anyway that's me for this week.

Hello from the Yee! - YeeTsun 27/04/2016
Hello all!
Right, first things first:

Sorry for the looooooooooooooong hiatus with Kingdoms Star. it will be coming back! There are multiple reasons but the main one has be me not being in the best of places emotionally and added health related mugubbins that I am now getting investigated.


The down side of this is at the moment this stuff, plus me trying to get a job and relocated to another part of the country over 100 miles away (which I know compared to some moves is paltry and pathetic) Kingdom Star is likely to go on being on hiatus for a while.


That being said I will be trying to get some arty scribbles done and I will post them on here as well as my deviantart account and my twitter. I will also try and ramble about interesting things I have found xD

So on that note I will bid you adieu!


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