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the Necrofage


Thirty years after the second war, tension between the Orcs and the Humans were at a high and it could easily be seen that a new war is on the horizon. This is when a new threat made its appearance. It started it first occurrence in the Dwarven city of Don'mordan, a disease that spread killing any and all. The Human queen Aeres Mir decided to provide aid to the Dwarven people in an attempt to stop the plague and to help form ties between the realms of Man and the Dwarven empire.

Queen Mir had sent some of her finest soldiers to the city of Don'mordan lead by her sister, Hesra Mir. The army was sent to help manage and relieve the struggle the Dwarves were experiencing and at first all seemed well. Humanity seemed immune to the disease deathly effects however after a few days being around the sick the human soldiers started to experience a different set of symptoms all together. There bodies began to undergo a metamorphosis changing them living breathing beings to nothing more that walking and talking aberrations.


After most of her forces had become infected, princess Hesra rallied everyone inside the city declared it under quarantine. Over the years the undead just sat there attempting to live some semblance of a normal life, however under the physical and mental stress these once humans were experiencing it was difficult. Provisions were sent to the city from both the Humans and the Dwarves but after a few years it stopped.

Her people starved Hesra had but one option, break the quarantine. The beings of rotten flesh and dis-coloured bone ventured forth to plead for help but they were only ever shown fear and anger. Eventually time went on and the complaints of the citizens around Don'mordan could not be ignored. Eventually a message was sent to Hesra:

Dear leader of the undead horde
It has been brought to my attention that you disgusting excuses of citizens have been terrifying the local populace around the city of Necro Dark. Please control your citizens and prevent them from setting foot outside your city again.

Best wishes
King Tirone Amstra

In receiving this letter Hesra only had one thing on her mind, why is this imprudent whelp talking to her and not her sister. She decided to disregard the blatant insult as request and head to Wel'cendor, her home and the capital of the humans of kingdom of Aztiroth.


Hesra marched herself and a platoon of her best soldiers one weeks travel to their home. When they arrived at the city gates they were met with hostilities, treated as fugitives and were arrested on site. Hesra decided to take this opportunity to get close to the castle where not only the dungeon is but also this King Amstra. During the first night of incarceration the guards were so lax it seemed almost too easy to escape. After breaking out and disabling the guards they proceeded to have words with the king and so Hesra did.

Found sleeping in her sisters room the would be king slept helpless like a new born baby. She walked up to his bedside determined knife in hand, she woke him and he revealed everything. Aeres had been executed for being a traitor to humanity, to have left Hesra and her kind alive was declared a crime by the people of Aztiroth. Then her people declared this bureaucratic their new leader... Hesra burned with so much fury she wanted to cut down this false king but wanted less to make a martyr out of him.

The Necrofage

After her visit to Wel'cendor Hesra and her men fled back to Don'mordan and rallied her people. She informed them of what their kins men had done and how they were left to rot in the derelict city. Her people needed to fend for themselves, her people needed to fight for their survival, her people were now known as The Necrofage.