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Kaldrassil is commonly referred to as the heart of Velan'Sha. Unlike most planets, Velan'Sha orbits no sun nor does its inhabitance live on its surface. The inhabitants live on perpendicular tiers to the planets poles, each tier is commonly referred to as a terrace and has a top and a bottom commonly referred to as Hul and Dek. Running through the centre of the planet along the poles is a large column named Kaldrassil, which translates to mean "Crown of the stars". This huge column brings light to the terraces along with warmth. Kaldrassil is believed to be the single most important creation of Velan'Sha and without it all life would cease to exist.

Kaldrassil's surface

Kaldrassil is often referred to as a tree due to its appearance. It's exterior resembles a metallic tree like surface however it's unconfirmed as to what Kaldrassil is actually made of. Kaldrassil is surrounded by a large expanse on every terrace where gravity is at it's strangest. Multiple attempts have been made to bridge the gap, however these have all failed due to a gravitational field being emitted from the surface pushing everything away from it. It has been theorised by some lead scientists that the the terraces act as a form of siphon, drawing the gravitational energies from Kaldrassil towards them and in doing so pull items down towards either the Hul or Dek of a terrace.

It's important to note here that the Hul side of Terrace III also shares the same structure as the Dek side of Terrace IV, if you would imagine: the Hul side of Terrace III is the heads side of a coin where as the Dek side of Terrace IV is the tails side, each Hul is physically joined by the Dek of the Terrace numerically above it. This only not the case with the initial and ultimate terraces.

When traversing between the Hul of one terrace and Dek of another, at the physical mid layer of the terrace the gravity smoothly shifts from walking down a flight of stairs to walking up a flight of stairs. The gravitational energies emitted by Kaldrassil are at their strangest in the expanse between Kaldrassil and the Hul/Dek plates. Here the energies are siphoned at the mid layer of the plate directly and the gravitational forces feel approximately 10 times stronger. During many of the attempts to approach the surface of Kaldrassil, the closer the test subject would get the higher the risk of falling and being crushed at the mid layer.