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Jerenna Bloodheart

Gender: Female
Race: Light Elf
Class: Paladin
Occupation: S.E.D. Section 13
Rank: Master Sergeant
Status: Alive
Relatives: Elrana Bloodheart (mother, deceased), Eldrich Fardawn (Adoptive Farther)
Mentor: Eldrich Fardawn


When Jerenna was growing up she was raised by her loving mother in slums of Terrace Three Hul side. Their lives were frequently surrounded by racism, bigotry, corruption and exhibitionism. In the Slums it was very difficult for the Special Enforcement Devisions (S.E.D.) to keep the peace as with the people living in the slums not being able to work and crime being so rampant because of the poverty. Elrana always tried to keep her daughter away from the life styles of those around them but it was difficult. As Jerenna grew up hooligans would disturb them at all times trying to swindle what little money they had for "protection". Time proceeded forward and Jerenna became more outspoken towards the filth as they attempted to do as they wish.


As Jerenna became older and more of a woman they found that her mouth could cause more trouble than her snide remarks were worth. She would frequently get into verbal and physical fights with both the law enforcement and street trash, fortunately the law enforcement would mostly end with a night in jail followed by a slap on the wrist. The encounters with the less than favourable side of the slums is where her real problems came from. More often than not junkies would lounge around her apartment complex, in the corridors, on the latest high and one day Jerenna couldn't tolerate it any more and kicked a large number of them out. She felt better and that this city could actually bring itself to better standards if the citizens just tried.

Unfortunately for Jerenna she pushed a bit too often and she interrupted a deal going down. As a result the "Boss Chief" of the dealer had heard of this young upstart and wanted to make an example of her and her family to their neighbours. One evening while Jerenna was home with her mother and their was a knock at the door. Elrana looked out the peep hole and saw nothing but then more knocking at the door, she was on edge. She briefly heard some whispering and then another knock, she backed away slowly from the door and singled Jerenna to follow her into bathroom. Elrana opened the window and proceeded to direct Jerenna out of it but the obstinate child rejected the idea loudly. Quickly Elrana clasped her hands around the teen's mouth to silence her, a moment passed and a bang of the apartment door followed. Elrana had no more time and quickly grabbed her daughter and pushed her up to the window begging her to go quickly. Jerenna felt fear and concern, he stubbornness changed to a drive for preservation for her and her mother. Jerenna headed out the window and her mother helped her down to the ledge below, a crash of the door could be heard as Jerenna landed on the ledge. Elrana looked back and then stared at Jerenna uttering the last words her daughter would here from her, "I love you. Now run!" Her mother being pulled back into the apartment Jerenna did as her mother commanded and ran.


As Jerenna ran along the ledge to escape from the traumatic event she knew that whomever it was that did this to her and her family would regret it. She ran for some time until she ran into two S.E.D. officers, one of them tried to turn her away as nothing more than a lowly street urchin but their partner stopped them. Officer Eldrich Fardawn saw how even though she was bare footed she was still relatively clean for a street urchin and the look on her face was angry but a great sadness was revealed by the tears running down her face. Eldrich insisted that Jerenna tell them where she lived but she refused, his partner wanting to throw her back to the slums but he refused and took her back to S.E.D. Section 13 headquarters. Eldrich pressed more and more for Jerenna to tell her what had happened but she refused. He was then left with little choice, wait for someone to come and claim her or call in Child Service Care, he opted to wait. Hours went by and no one came to find her. After the third hour of Eldrich waiting with her he got up from the seat next to hers and was about to leave to contact Child Service Care but he found her holding onto his clothing, she didn't want him to leave and she was more teary eyed than before. For the next hour she told him what had happened.

Father & Teacher

After Jerenna's incident and over some months Eldrich adopted Jerenna and raised her as his own. Jerenna was still possessed by the idea of revenge for many years however as she grew up into an adult and observed her adoptive father's work she came to know that individuals cannot take the law into their own hands, that is in fact what the thugs had done to her mother in the first place and again what she did to create the trouble. She learnt that if the dregs of society were to be punished for the crimes they were spreading throughout the sector then she would needed be on the right side of the law. At the age of 17 she enlisted in the Special Enforcement Division, much like her (adoptive) father, and by the age of 21 she completed her training and became a Paladin.