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In the universe of Kingdom Star many of the sentient beings are able to perform different magics. Some of these are common place and are a staple within a school of magic. Below is a list of different different incantations which belong to various different schools of magic.

School of Holy Magic

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An offensive spell often used to strike ones foe at a long distance and can cause immense destruction. When conjuring this spell a large amount of Holy Magics is poured into a physical vessel and then hurled at it's intended target. With enough training a Paladin can create a meta-physical vessel removing the requirement to have a physical one.

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A defensive spell used solely by Paladins. This spell is used to keep the Paladin safe from all harm and lasts for a few seconds.

A tactical holy spell used to cause an unprepared opponent to fall asleep. The opponent must be caught unprepared for combat for the spell to successfully put the target to sleep, if the target is alert and full of adrenalin the spell will have no effect.