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Page: #8
Page: #8

Greetings one and all, so Page #8 has come out and it's so delicious... now I want chocolate moose.

So during the last two weeks Yee and I sat down and looked at the first draft of chapter one and it's all good. Things are progressing nicely and plot holes are being plugged up. W00! Things are progressing nicely and Eyskhp won the Kingdom Star give away last week:

So been playing Firefall beta last night... it is amazingly random as an MMO, needs to be played more though. It's much like Gears of War meets... Borderlands... and something about resource gathering. Quite good fun and if anyone wants to join us that would be the cool. I've also been watching excessive amounts of Archer, my god that show cracks me up.

Semi-finally I've been pimping my YouTube Channel's Facebook Page in an attempt to interact more with the people who watch my channel.

Lastly you'll notice that we've got a Top Web Comics button (currently 785) on the side of the page. This button is a new attempt to bring awareness of the comic to the general internet goers of yesteryear. Basically the advertising methods used to produce interest via facebook was a 100% deadpan flop. Now we're going to advertise via project wonderful and Top Web Comic. Click on it and increase our popularity, you know you want to ;)


Page: #8

Hi Guys,

So we are back on tack after the glitch from last week -sorry again, right I'm not done apologising :)- I've got page 9 all sorted and will be building back up the reserve pile ASAP.

Yay for new advertising! Click the Top Comics button. Share your KS love. DOOOOOOOOO IT!. You know you want to........ Pleeeease *beg**sniff*

Erm. Dreeeeew. It's mousse not moose. The latter is a land mammal with very big antlers....