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Page: #7
Page: #7

Muhahaha I'm not leaving this post till last minute!

*3 hours later*

Damn it! So this week has been quite productive. The Paladin article has been written and has been made accessible via the links. The gallery page has had an update. Trying to determine why my PC will blue screen of death, I think it's the front side bus. Not else much to say apart from the secret Kingdom Star project, code named Frank, has fallen a bit by the waste side but production will continue soon!

Umm... Oh yeah, how could I forget. On the facebook page today (Wednesday the 26th) till the 3rd of July is a Steam Game giveaway. Like the facebook group page... thing and submit your UK based steam account to the system and job done. Make sure you read the rules!.

The game is Batman Arkham City: Game of the Year addition.

Good Luck and Have Fun.
Page: #7

Yeeeeeeeaaaah... you're more ahead on this than I am on the comic....Oh crud, this is public.Nurts. LALALALALALALALAAAAAAAA

Don't fret people. I'm not behind with the actual pages. My head start has just dried up due to me have one of those annoying "I CAN"T DRAW ANYTHING (other than the odd doodle) ANY MORE!" stints that we artist go through every so often. I am on top of it ^_^

Enough of my woes ;) Enjoy the page and good luck in the give away ^_^