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Page: #5

Writing post thingy take 2! (Opera just crashed so have to start again.)

So this last week has been frantic to try and get the encyclopedia for Kingdom Star sorted out however it's been difficult and I had to opt not to in order to get the plot of the first arch finished. So one afternoon last week I was talking to Yee and we decided that it was best to make sure we know exactly what's going on with chapter 1. So we laid it all out there, how many pages are going to be in this arch, how many plot points and what are those plot points. So I spent a good few days working solidly trying to get all 48 pages finished up and I did so last night. I felt such a rush getting them done but at the same time I'm quite nervous as it's only the first draft, Yee is more than welcome to say "No this point is too weak, it needs to be redone" as I really do follow her judgment when it comes to comic stories.

Needless to say all that above, the encyclopedia isn't finished. I've actually been asked a couple of times, is there much need for the encyclopedia and in all honesty yes there is. I've been asked a number of times what is that bull character from page #2? These sorts of details aren't really established during the plot but the lore of the comic is meant to go back hundreds of years (I think I've just dug my own grave by saying that). So the encyclopedia will be coming but it's being pushed back till I can clarify that the first arch is ready (I'm also doing stuff on my Youtube channel too).

Anyway I hope you all have a good week,