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Page: #41 - X 07/12/2015

Good news everyone! We're going to do some Kingdom Star!

So apologies all. Yee promised people that this page would be up on Sunday (yesterday) but I wanted to talk to her about things and everything got crazy busy and hectic so here it is now.

Currently I'm trying to keep on top of my Machenima series, kingdom star, another to webcomics (that I'm failing at horribly), helping friends with their YouTube content, keeping up with Tenno Clock, and working on a secret YouTube project I hope to have out for January.

Work life is being a bit hellish at the moment, trying to get on with my work and I have everyone and their dog breathing down my neck. I keep telling them that for in order to get stuff done I need as much notice of stuff as possible but they keep trying to only tell me things they think I need to know... As if knowing the other stuff with hurt the project >_<.

So Yee and I worked on the script for the second chapter some weeks back and we're happy with where that's going, w00!!! Also we printed Kingdom Star Act 1 and are selling it for £3.50 + postage and packaging but at this point there is no automated way to sell it, however if you do have interest in buying a copy you can hit me up on twitter or throw me an email on

All the best
Page: #41 - - Y 07/12/2015

To be filled in