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Page: #40

Greeting from your friendly neighborhood Yee!

YES! We are alive and YES! we are releasing again. Sorry for the long hiatus everything went a bit manic with me being back at a day job and on the side doing an internship in Bristol, which involves train and buses so it takes time.

I am going to be doing every thing I can to keep a more regular release schedule whilst we finish up Chapter one. You'll be happy to know Chapter Two is pretty much written and in the tweaking stages and we even have ideas about Chapter Three.

We...well I have, also done our first Con. I was in Comic Village at MCM London which was a fun experience that will be repeated. I am hoping out next Con will be Midlands Expo in Telford on 13th February 2016. Unfortunately I am out of Holiday this year so it's unlikely I will make any others this side of January.

Thank you for sticking with us. Enjoy the page