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Page: #36
Page: #36

Greetings All!

Welcome to page 36!

Sorry for the sporadic releases recently. My uni work has reared it's ugly head again. But all I can say is it's about &*%@#$!time. I handed in the thesis at the beginning of December and it's taken until May to have the exam. I passed with minor corrections, which is the second best option behind a straight "pass" (which no one gets.)

So I'm rather happy with that (<- understatement of the century)

But it does mean I'm back to the grind stone of the next month whilst I do the corrections. I'm aiming to release the pages every fortnight until I had the thesis back in at the end of June.

Thanks for sticking with us.


Page: #36

Yo peeps.

God there's so much to talk about but I don't want to get bogged down in the depressing stuff. OK so I've been working hard on getting my YouTube channel up to many levels of super happies when I get any spare time but also been trying to improve the content. In addition I've been prepping stuff for Faulty Frame Squad, this has also been time consuming but making relatively decent headway. A new YouTube series similar to Tenno Clock has been released called Heroes Time, it's about Heroes of the Storm.

Kingdom Star related: We've started looking over the first draft for chapter 2 and thus far everything is golden. I'm still a little worried about towards the end because I don't want it to feel too rushed. I know Kingdom Star is a fast paced comic but still. We're also trying to build up popularity at this point and we'd love it if you can share KS with your friends or even random strangers!

All the best
Page: #36

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