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Page: #35
Page: #35

Greetings once more!

Xenogelion here so what's been going down this last... while. First things first, the hosting server for KS got horribly hacked and thus KS was down for a while but that was by no means a symbol of kingdom star's demise. Obviously the server is back up and running and we have a new page!

Speaking of new stuff for Kingdom Star... so we're currently page 35 of approximately 50 pages for this first chapter. As such Yee and I agreed that now should be the time to get chapter 2 ready for production once chapter 1 is finished. So after manically finishing off the scripts for Faulty Frame Squad season 1 and getting some of the lines recorded for one of the characters I decided to dedicate a chunk of time solely to chapter 2. Well I'd seriously like to think: "wow, what a chapter you guys are in store for!" however at this point Yee hasn't had a chance to see it and it's still in what I consider the draft stage, anything is open to change and my only concern really is that there is too much going on in the chapter. However the intention is still to have a "wow, did that seriously happen?" in the chapter and kind of broaden the horizon of Kingdom Star some. Anyhoo I hope you all enjoy this page and we'll see you again soon!

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Hello everyone!

It's true Kingdom Star has not disappeared in to the internet aether.

As Drew said the server got horribly hacked, but also I've not been able to juggle everything and stay sane due to a big commission and my part time job being full time for alot longer than expected.

We are going to try and keep this momentum going, however I found out this week that the Viva/oral exam for my Masters thesis is in a 2 weeks (loving the amount of warning I had D:) So things may still be a bit ...unregular for a bit longer.,
Please bare with us (well, me really) your support is really welcome ^_^.

So finally I'd like to announce that Kingdom Star will start being released on Fridays from now on. This is simply because the time I get to work on it is Tuesday and Wednesday and well you can see the issue.

Enjoy ^_^


Page: #35

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