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Page: #34

Goood Morning Internet!

Yeah, I am aware it's currently 00:50 (at time of writing) and I'm only just putting up the page.

Sorry, I'm attempting to juggle Kingdom Star, another rather large art commission and my new part-time-but-not-at this-moment-in-time-because-I-am-in-training-and-it's-longer-than-they-said job and i dropped the ball over the last few days. Not been sleeping well and it caught up with me on Monday evening. As i can't take time off work right now (I'm a temp,and they have already kindly let me have one day off. So if I miss any more training they will likely fire my ass)

Anywhooooo. I'm off to curl up in bed and feel sorry for myself and watch Supernatural until I fall asleep if I don't cough myself into unconsciousness first. Just started Season 1. I'm REALLY behind, but marathons are the way forward!.

Good Night and enjoy the page!


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Good morning from 08:39.

So some actual Kingdom Star news some more! Yee and I met up on two occasions over the last 7 days and not only did we plan out the plot points for chapter 2 we actually put together the background for Sunni. This was kinda strange for both of us as we didn't intend to do this however having this background flushed out allows us to create Sunni';s encyclopaedia page and if we're both satisfied with Sunni's background we'll release it to the public.

Long pointless rant about VATMOSS (you can skip it if you want):

On a side note, and a sleepy haze, I now think to myself that the this post will be confusing to whomever read it in the future and Sunni's name is turned into links and link to an encyclopaedia page that hasn't been written yet.

So less fun news time. Back at the start of the Annual year a new tax came in across the EU dubbed VATMOSS. This lovely tax is designed to tax any electronic service out there that produces on demand content. Things like Netflix, Amazon Kindle, Comixology are all target by this tax preventing these companies from putting their funds in an EU country that avoids certain (I don't know which) other taxes. What's this, a company tax dodging, that's unheard of! But wait, there's more.

So this law has been relatively well written but it doesn't take into account international companies that provide a service to EU clientele and customers. Literally the law has this little flow chart that makes things really simple and clear, it states that if you're an individual providing an e-service via a third party website then you've got nothing to worry about as it's those websites that will need to pay for the service. Here's the dumb thing that the EU didn't consider, what if those companies refuse to pay VATMOSS (context). As it stands, Paypal, Patreon and other services that should pay VATMOSS are flat out refusing to pay for their clientele meaning the clientele has to pay VATMOSS directly (I'm actually not sure if this is legal). Worst thing of all is that if you person or business has to pay VATMOSS then they need to provide proof of service with email address' and IP Addresses. Services like Patreon and Paypal don't provide this service however there is a loop hole.

According to the VATMOSS flowchart a person or business only has to pay for VATMOSS if the service provided is automated. This means you press a button and then your e-product turns up at your e-door without the requirement of a person having to do anything and that's what we shall have to do. In order to not have to avoid a tax we cannot pay for we're going to have to manually submit everything to our backers, so if you're entitled to see the live stream that Yee would do once a month we will have to email you manually letting you know that you it'll go live at X time.

The fun and games we have to put up with thanks to companies deciding to be tight fisted and governments that don't know how to write a law.

~ Xeno
p.s. unfortunately the above means we can't use Paypal because it's 100% an automated service and there is no legal definition that determines the difference between an e-service and an e-donation.

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