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Page: #33
Page: #33

*unfurls spine with lovely cracking sounds*

Gah! It's cold. So cold I'm sitting on my radiator whilst writing this on my tablet (my net is screwed up so I'm attempting to use a feeble wifi connection)

As Drew say below, this week has been pretty uneventful. I'm just working like a dog doing art work along side my, suposedly, part time job. I'm in every weekday till March for training, which was not quite as advertised, but oh well it's money coming in.

One thing I will say is that this page is the first one after the feed back we recieved after posting on Reddit. I have attempted to take on what was suggested, and I think it's worked. Thank you to those who gave their feedback.

Right, I'm back off to work on page 34. This was a nice rest for my spine. I need a better work space.

Enjoy people!


Page: #33

Oh Yeah, I was meant to write this thing before anyone saw the page on the interwebs.

I've not got a great deal to report on really. Last week just as the page went live I fixed a couple of bugs within the web package... oh duh, I know what I can talk about!

So in the month of June (as opposed to a person named June), The first chapter of Kingdom Star will reach it's conclusion. So now is the time Yee and I start discussing various things like how many pages will this chapter be, who will be in it and what will happen. Once these bullet points are hashed out I'll go away and do my writey write thing ^_^.

Double Duh! Of course this is the page where we can see the Reddit feedback in action! So for a while Yee and I have been identifying on certain pages (Page #29 is a great example) where it's too difficult to identify each individual character when they're overlapping each other. One of the suggestions on reddit was to ink it and both Yee and I didn't like the idea because we felt that it would detract from the artistic feel we wanted. We actually want the sketchy feel. Another suggestion was to outline the characters and I am happy to say, with this new approach, that I feel the awesomeness just shines.

Page: #33

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