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Page: #32

Hello all again,

It's been a busy fortnight and now I back home and reality has kicked back in. Since I got back on Saturday I've been battling with Virgin Media, BT and Parcel Force as they are all morons.

However, we have a new page up :D So that's a definately plus. Not much more to report from me so, see you next week :D


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Another hectic week here but isn't that obvious?

So one thing you may instantly notice is that on the right there is now a Project Wonderful ad banner. "What does this mean?" you may ask followed by "Are we going to start coving all of Kingdom Star in adverts?". The short answer is no, the much longer answer is: Here's the situation, as we want to start growing Kingdom Star we need to bring it's popularity up, which means we need to advertise ourselves. The problem is in order to advertise it's going to cost us quite a lot of money, I actually sat down and did some maths:

As of the 14th of Jan 2015:
  • The Website Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal had 442,158 views across USA, Canada and Europe for the 5 days leading to the 14th.
  • For a single day of advertising in all three zones it would cost approximately $33.
  • For a month that would cost $990 if it stayed at $33 a day.

So that is something we seriously cannot afford for even 1 day a month. Instead we're looking at smaller websites like Dark Legacy which will cost about $1.40 a day which is something we can much more reasonably afford. So what's this got to do with the ad on the right? To conclude this power point presentation of a post, the purpose of the Project Wonderful ad banner is to get some revenue for the advertising we're going to do ourselves. In short whatever money comes in from Project Wonderful will go back to advertising Kingdom Star until we get to the no more ads milestone on the Patreon.

Oh well, that's it for now.
Page: #32

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