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Page: #31


OK so this has been a relatively eventful week. Last Wednesday when we released page 30 we tried to bump our popularity and for the most part we succeeded, we got 557 page views and 96 unique visits. The 96 is good as previously we have never passed 60 and more often than not we only got 40 on a new page day. I'm wanting to push the envolope and try and get into triple digits but I'm in no rush and Yee and I are currently super busy.

Additionally we got our first Patreon supporter which is fantastic, jiggly! We also put a link to Kingdom Star on the subreddit comic crits, we got some super epic advice but because as page 32 is already done we won't really see the advice appear till page 33. Additionally I got some great feedback for the website itself, for a start when using javascript, *shudder*, to dynamically load content to reduce the overhead for readers and the server as much as possible... I kinda didn't take into consideration that the back or forward buttons would no longer work, I don't use them so I didn't notice. Needless to say I did fix the issue, took me 5 hours and a new keyboard (joking) but I got it working which is yey!

Anyway, Yee and I, with help of a fan, made a new more obvious banner for those readers wanting to support Kingdom Star. I thought it was obvious enough and super in your face but I tested it on 3 people and one of them completely missed it... it's right there, how do you miss something that big?

Anyhoo, life is great and Kingdom Star is getting the love from us that it deserves.

P.S. don't forget we still exist on TopWebComics
Page: #31

Oh Yeah!!!! 3 in a row! (It's the little things in life that make it)

Hello and welcome to page 31.

I'm not going to babble too much because whilst writing this I have a lovely lovely migraine which is making it feel like my eyeballs are being scooped out with a spoon.

It's my own fault. I played in a Magic The Gathering pre-release on Sunday. Due to being in Bristol I couldn't go to my usual haunt Chimera so I went to the event at Britsol Forbidden Plant store.. It was a good night, with nice people. Also found out that the brother of one of the guys who also frequents Chimera was there which was pretty cool and a group of us ending up going to the pub after the event. However, the down side was the fact that the hours were a bit unsociable. I'm use to mid day(ish)starts not 1700 ending at 2250...

Oh well it was worth it. I got 2 cards that will cover the cost of entry when sold on ebay so I'm happy :D

That's my babble for the night.

Enjoy the page!

Page: #31

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