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Page: #30
Page: #30

Greetings fellow minions!

So I did something magnificent last week after page 29 was released. MySite, my web package, determines the country a user is accessing the website from using a couple of different online services. However I'm a huge twit and I set up the primary service to check a blank IP Address which means it checks the country of the server itself. So after discovering this I was going to reprocess the country information by the IP address for the last month of data. This was the MySQL statement I used:

- UPDATE <<table>> SET Date = null WHERE Date > "2014-12-04"

the bit in bold is the problem part, it should be Country, not Date and as a result all the data beyond this date became useless as the date got set to "0000-00-00"... so yeah, a months worth of data got thrown away. My thought to myself, what an amazing statistician I am. Regardless I've now built a batch file that runs a MySQL script to create a backup of the database and uses FTP to go and get the data from the server, not going to make the same mistake twice.

Good news though, Yee and I did this lovely promotional video for Kingdom Star to try and increase it's popularity: link

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Page: #30

Hello All!

Drew don't call them minion! (At least not publicly...)

Moving swiftly on. Page 30 is live! Yes we have released 2 pages into weeks. Even with me being miles away from home. Forward planning and free wifi are the way forward!

I am doing some work experience in Bristol with a mobile app company called Mubaloo. It's so far been absolutely amazing!Apart form only having access to a kettle for cooking. So I am surviving on MugShots (with pot noodle type things but much nicer and you have to provide the pot), fruit, salads and sandwiches. there is a Tesco Express round fromt he hotel and a Sainsbury's local round the corner from work the corner so that is a godsend. So far Bristol seems a nice place. I wouldn't say no to working/ living here.

I spent today helping design icons and logos. I'm also forcing myself to learn to use a MAC (not too hard as technically i am writing it on a Macbook...just using the windows partition on it >_>. I may go back to using the MAC side a bit more after this). I'm also forcing myself to use a tablet instead of a mouse to get the basic co-ordination up so I can be better at that side of thing. You may say this is moot now as I got a Cintiq over Christmas, but that thing's so freaking big and heavy (30kg) it's not exactly portable. After using the one a Mubaloo I'm tempted to get an Intuous 4 (the older design), my current small tablet is nice but the intous 4 is a nice size and active area, but will probably be expensive so I will be happy with what I have and put money into need things like RAM and a new HDD.

The slight downside, is once I get back I start work at a bank again. There is a reason for this, I need money. However, I will not get trapped this time Like I did at the last one, as this job is part time. As a result I will have time to art projects etc in my spare time.

Any way, enough of my babble. Enjoy the new page.