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Page: #3
Page: #3

Ah page #3, I remember when I first saw this page and I was just completely shocked and in awe with the character designs. The work Yee is producing is incredible and I'm truly happy to be working with her. We've also been working out some plot related stuff but due to outside influences it's been difficult to find time to work on the comic. Of course we have also brought in the Gallery stuff so yey that's win! As discussed via Facebook and g+ we do want to release more pages however we just can't afford to do it so we hope your satisfied with the concept art that comes out on Saturdays. Well that's it for this week, hope you enjoy the comic and we hope to hear from you.


Page: #3

Wooo page three! I liked working on this one! ...and I can't think of anything witty to continue with.

I blame this stupid cold I have. It's not helped fact I got rained on yesterday...I packed up the car to go home from my parents and in the time it took me to unlock the central locking get everything in, my battery went flat....So I after 40 mins in torrential rail and balancing my umbrella over the engine to stop said rain from shorting the connection out, I got it jumpstarted (These are a god send.) However I looked like a drown rat, was covered in engine oil and was freezing, making my lovely cold worse.

The shower I'd had just before this escapade was a complete waste of time, soap and shampoo...

I'm going to go back to sneezing, coughing and feeling sorry for myself now...