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Page: #29
Page: #29

Greetings one and all! Finally Kingdom Star is back up and running and the adventures we shall have! I'm going to leave any KS talk to Yee and at this point I'm going to talk to you, the reader about the plan:

So the plan is to try as all heck to prevent Kingdom Star from having any down time. Yee has finished her thesis and we hope that Kingdom Star can be crowd funded in order to a) improve production and b) make this comic truly amazing. So I'm going to shameless talk about the Patreon button on the left, looks like , the purpose of Patreon is a huge glorified tip jar.

Why are we using Patreon over PayPal? Simply because i) approx. 90% of the funds go to the creators, ii) we can tell you what our plans are and iii) we can properly show our appreciation for your support. We are in no way shape or form asking for much but hopefully whatever you can spare would seriously go a long way to helping the production of Kingdom Star.

The next stage of the plan is promotion. Realistically KS sees about 60 unique visits on each new page day and about 15 on a non-new page days. We want to blow those numbers out of the water and again with help from amazing people like you, the readers, can we achieve this. Basically what we're asking is if you can share KS with whomever you feel would enjoy it, we need to drum up awareness and though we do have future plans with things like the Q&A videos to drum up support from YouTube's direction, word of mouth goes so so far.

Thank you for your time.
Page: #29

And We're BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About freaking time, if I do say so myself.

It is so good to actually have time to draw this and everything else I'm up to. At this time I am in the process of getting a part time "Joe job" to fund myself instead of completely relying on savings but still leave time for KS and other projects, but also give me time to look for UI/UX design jobs and Game Artist Jobs.

As Xeno has babbled about Pateron etc. I won't, but any support you can give, either monetarily or promotion-wise will be HUGELY appreciated.

I have the next pages ready to go and I am endeavoring to not let KS lapse again.

Enjoy, and on with the show!


p.s Tell your friends ;)