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Page: #28
Page: #28

So some of you may saw a brief glimpse of this page Monday night followed by a chunk of you seeing the emails or RSS... feed... thingies pointing to it. Yeah so I screwed up because I accidentally released the page for Tuesday the 19th instead of Wednesday the 20th, my bad.

Apart from that things have been going relatively smoothly. I've got a new hearthstone series due for release tomorrow (link to come) and I was invited to do a Warframe Community Live Stream which was really cool. The duration of the live stream was 1 hour 40 minutes, it took 4 hours to render and 13 hours to upload to dropbox. I wish UK internet wasn't so pants for upload.

Now to talk about the page, BIG BUG THING! KILL IT WITH FIRE! Hoping some of you might guess what might be going on on Teris I but at the same time I'm hoping you're not 100% spot on. Only time will tell! Just so you're aware, unlike this page, there is no ETA on page 29 as of yet.

Best Wishes to all
Page: #28

Hello all!

See we told you there would be a page 28 in the near future AND THERE WAS :O Don't die of shock.

As Drew has said, we're not sure when page 29 will be out. I had a bit of a disaster with my thesis. On the "OH GOD OH GOD I'M GOING TO DIE" levels.
It basically when like this: Send thesis draft to supervisor.
Receive reply, but do not pick it up till late. Reply states file is corrupt.
Try to convert thesis doc to pdf.
Discover doc is corrupt and will not open.
Go to back up.
Find back up is corrupt.
Go to back up back up.
Find this is also corrupt
Cry...A lot.
Pull self together.
Completely loose will to work.
Fall asleep as soon as start working even after a full night's sleep
Get flu like bug that leaves me shivering under a duvet on the week I am meant to be testing my prototype.
Give up some more -___-

So, My life is pretty much now going to be writing writing writing for the next month.
I do have two 11 hour flights to and from the states in the next week but I'm likely going to be asleep or doing uni work on those...More likely going to be asleep.

On to nicer things. I'M GOING TO THE STATES TO MEET POWER RANGERS THIS WEEK WOO HOOOOOOO! I'm off to Pasadena, California. I'm packed and ready to go ^_______^

So, the lows of uni work and the highs of a much MUCH needed holiday.

Crap, I'm meant to talk about the page aren't I?...

YAY! Sunni isn't dead :D FFFFFFFFFFFFFFuuuuu- Giant Bug thingy with teeth! RUN!

Enjoy the page people!