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Page: #27
Page: #27

OK so a few weeks have gone by and a new page of Kingdom Star has come out, it is glorious; of course if you happen to observe the background you may notice something foreboding. I'd also like to advise that Page #28 is already finished however you're not going to be getting it tomorrow like Page #26. If you feel this is a case of "Yeah yeah Xeno, pull the other one" then have at thee:

In other news I'm in the process of moving property which is a whole barrel of laughs to the point of "Dear god save me from all this packing!" I've got a load more stuff I need to pack and shift over to a friends but I'm feeling so lazy about it, but I've really got to.

Last bit of news for those of you who care... Digital Extremes has made my YouTube channel an "Official Community Fan Channel". Basically they give me free premium in-game currency codes for Warframe and I give them out to a lucky winner. I actually built a piece of Java Script to randomly select the winner from a google spreadsheet ^_^.

Anyway that's it for this page, see you in a fortnight.

Page: #27

Hi guys!

OH MY GODS WHAT'S HAPPENED TO SUNNI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111

*reads Xenos post*

Aw, Xeno couldn't we have left them to squirm a little bit?...

Yes, I can also confirm page 28 is done and ready to be released. I'm trying to be a bit more on top of the releases but I can't promise I'll be successful. Thesis writing is taking up a lot of time... Well, it's more convincing myself to start work than actually working. Once I get going I'm fine. Come the end of September things will hopefully be looking up.

Any way enjoy people! and Thanks again for sticking with us ^_^