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Page: #25
Page: #25

'Yello all!

So, after not keeping to my promise of getting the page 25 sorted for last week, I present page 25. Like Drew says below (Hey! I'm on top for once ;)) 26 will be posted very soon.

Apologies for this being later than expected. Usual Uni work mountain/ no-motivation-to-climb-it-as-I-hate-it problem. Blah blah blah wah wah wah. This week, as well as sorting these pages, I have been avoiding it by locating and reading scanlations of the admended ending of the manga Shaman King.

So happy to have found these, and so annoyed viz where so lazy when they published book 32 in English they used the original ending, which is naff, even though the amended one had been published in Japan by this point. Also happy as the site I found also has Hiroyuki Takei's other manga series that never got an English release (but did so in french for some of them it seems *insert rant about Har+Guu here*) Mainly, Butsu Zone, which I have had the Japanese release of for years, but can't understand a word of... and also Ginga Legend Weed (not a Takei series) which only got 3 volumes in English before One Comics when bust...and was one of my favourite series.

Also, in other news, I have aquired my self an android tablet (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to be exact.) So,who knows,we could have digitally drawn issues at some point.

See you soon for page 26. And again, thanks for being patient with us ^_^


Page: #25

Heya All

I've not got a whole lot to say for this post as very recently my 15 year old cat Brutus passed away. Page 26 will be coming very soon and I'll have a decent post with that. For now I'm just going to leave this image here: