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Page: #24
Page: #24

OK I must say that I'm seriously happy that Kingdom Star has started up again. Little over 6 months has gone past and so much has happened since then, so I'm going to list it:

  • Yee fighting against her old supervisor to get her MSc by Research.
  • New Job has been super time consuming.
  • Faulty Frame Squad (tis machinima).
  • Making MySite do dynamic page loading now (which means javascript (ick)).
  • Twitter integration.
  • My father had to have heart surgery. He's doing great now ^_^.

So some of you might be asking what are the current plans for Kingdom Star? Currently the plan is to produce pages when Yee can, though Yee has gone into write up for her MSc it doesn't mean that her workload has suddenly disappeared. The entire script for this chapter has already been written and is currently 50 pages long... ish. Yee and I are talking about publication but we're honestly not sure if there is enough of a demand yet to start but Kindle is more than likely a good direction as it's cheap as chips to sell on (amazon get 30% per unit). Beyond that it's absolutely amazing to be back and we'd love to hear from you guys. Remember you can register to the site and leave us a comment or you can contact us directly.

p.s. I love Jerenna';s expression in panel 2!!

Page: #24

See! See! Not dead!

Finally found some time to get some more of the comic drawn...

Translation, I went: "F**K UNI WORK! Imma gonna do some thing I actually like doing!"

Sorry again for this taking so long to get updating again. I'm going say right now, going forward until I've got my thesis sorted, it's going to be a case of the comic get updated when it does. I'm going to try and keep it regular but I can't promise at this point.

Thanks for your support and patience.