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Page: #23
Page: #23

Greetings one and all to a belated Page #23. First off I have to apologise for the quality of this page, I promise you it will get better.

So why is this page not 100% good quality; so basically Yee has been busting her butt trying to get this all done and dusted and she was up till 1am working on it last night. When I left her I has asked her to upload the page to dropbox so I can post it today (22/12/2013) however for some reason I can't find it and Yee won't be back from her holiday till after Christmas. So when Yee was working on the page, she sent me a facebook upload of the image and that's what this page currently is. The reason why I didn't just wait is because we've got something relatively special due to appear on Christmas day (which I need to pull my thumb out and get on with).

Anyway an updated version of this page will appear when Yee gets back from her holiday or unless I manage to find it somewhere in the aether of Dropbox. Anyhoo, please enjoy the page and feel free to leave a comment ^_^


Page: #23

Post date:28/12/2013
Hello every one!,

I have now updated the image file so you have the correct sparkly comic from last week. ^_^

Hope you all Had a good Christmas ^_^


Page: #23

Post date: 16/5/2014

.......HOLY CRAP 5 MONTHS ALREADY...Piss ?__________________?

All I can say is sorry guys and if anyone is still reading this. I'm sorry. Uni work has been really bad. Not I've been having a good time partying and am now perpetually hung over bad (I wish) but I've been screwed over by my supervisor and am just clinging on to my sanity and course bad.

Well, a little treat. I've never liked the last panel of page 23. It was just to ... boring? Un-atmospheric?...Either way I didn't like it and have been meaning to redo it for a while. I now have and IMO it's MUCH better.

Hope you like it. And please stick with us.

Your friendly neighbourhood Yee