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Page: #22

Wow what a manic 2 weeks it's been. So currently I'm coming to the end of myjob at the end of this month and it's been a hard slog to try and get everything done before I leave. Unfortunately there is always complications, so on Monday the girl who's been testing the web package that I've working on came up to me and informed me of a bug within the mail merge. What a mail merge is isn't important, what you do need to know is that it links with a MySQL database and gets all the information it needs. Problem being that the information needs to be formatted properly and there is 1 instruction, this 1 instruction is longer than a single A4 page and has functions inside functions inside... to put it bluntly it's a cluster f**k. Spent 2 days solving this one bug, but it's done now.

Video game wise, been playing Starbound which has been fun. Currently it's in Beta and F me are gamers really entitled. So the method used for combat since the Beta's release hasn't been able to cope and the devs have developed a new system which was implemented today. Oh my dear god, people have been complaining left right and centre about how it has a huge glaring bug in it and it's instant "you should fix this right this very second". I'm sick to death of this level of unappreciation that devs get, you know what devs thank you. Sorry it really narks me off when people think solving a bug is a 5 second job (identifying is different from solving).

Enough of that rant, so KS is back in action and yey! Actually we're finding that because literally no one is given either of us feed back we've decided to open up registration to the website and allow people to post comments on comic pages themselves, however this is a system that's in early stages of development and may get disabled if needs be (I need to develop it further), however the posts will stay (less deemed inappropriate) and yeah, we'll see how it goes ^_^.

Page: #22

Post to come later as I'm a tired lazy Yee ^_^