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Page: #21


Sorry for the break. It was not by choice, and I'd be lying if I said it wasn't likely to happen again. Until I've finished my Uni course at the end of March there are likely to be disruptions. So please bare with me/ us.

So for a little background info, I've spent the most of October making amendments to my 9 month report for my Masters. This is after giving a draft to my supervisor all through August to find in the review meeting, there were bits missing...which made me question what was the point in giving the draft over to be reviewed -____-

I handed it in at the beginning of November, but am now waiting on the updated review meeting, which is now over a week late...and then I've spent the last week or so exhausted and now sick....JOY!!!!!!!!!...Totally not fair -_-* ....

Ah well, I've drawing again so I'm happy :D

Enjoy the page ^_^

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Oh my god it's been a rough 8 weeks. So I'm happy to say "Yey we're back!" and I hope that Yee won't get any more nasty university distractions (silly University). So lots of crazy insane things have happened as I so tired I can't actually remember any of them.

OK so that last bit is a lie but I can't explain everything that happened in the last 8 weeks. Here's one of them: So I ended up getting loads of PC issues for the last few months and it's been getting worse; after spending months trying to deal with my machine continuously crashing I was testing everything! mother board, graphics card, sound card, RAM (especially the RAM), everything. So I called up my best mate the other night and he said "Sounds like RAM" and I foolishly face palmed disbelieving him. WAAAAAAY too soon, basically he said use Prime95 and I tried using that instead of memtest 86+, HUGE GLARING FAULT! the moral of the story, get more tools for my tool box!

It's great seeing Kingdom Star back up and running and let the awesomeness continue!

Edit: Actually one thing I wanted to add was having Jerenna say "...last two months..." and Harry's stomach grumbling. That's more of a joke than anything else but obviously that wouldn't work ;).