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Page: #20
Page: #20

Greetings readers to another Kingdom Starday!

So last week I went to Eurogamer Expo and it was well fun. Marvel Lego Super Heroes was really good fun, feels weird that it's published by Warner Brothers. Elder Scrolls Online just felt like a waste of space and a generic WoW clone, I'd rather go play WoW. The new Wolfenstein was great but being forced to play on a control pad spoiled it a bit and then there was Warframe on the PS4...

Oh my god what a joke. The PS4 stuff was in an exclusive area which you could see about 5 screens out of the couple of dozen that were there and the queue to begin with was 2 hours long and wasn't moving (there were signs). We looked for an hour to try and find warframe but and concluded it had to be in the part we a) couldn't easily get to and b) we couldn't see inside. In the PS4 area there was an isolated area you couldn't see into from any angle and sure enough there it was. We got to see Rebecca from Digital Extreme and she was really nice and we got to play Warframe on the PS4, I was shocked to how smoothly it was running.

I've now got the white board and after cleaning up the s**t tip that is my room I'll be getting on and sort the time line. May also draw a map of the old world ^_^.

Page: #20

Heya All ^_^

I think my only reaction to this weeks page is OMG detail o_O...
oh, and: TRAIN!!!!!!

Some times I think I just love making life difficult for myself, but if I didn't the comic would be as awesome as I hope you guys think it is.

I've not got much interesting to report on like Xeno as I've been dig my way from under a pile of uni work. That will change this weekend as I'm off to the London Film and Comic Con this weekend. Well for Saturday anyway. Gonna meet me some Power Rangers and support my friend Laura Power, who has just had her first book, called Air-Born, published a few weeks back(Go buy it/more info here.)

Sunday I'm going to try and get to the Victoriana: The Art of Revival exhibition at the London Guildhall Art Gallery. Heard about it on the Radio while driving home a few weeks back. Sound interesting.

Any who, I will leave you guys to it. Enjoy the page ^_^