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Page: #2
Page: #2

So in today post from Drew, STUFF HAPPENS! some of you may or may not know that Kingdom Star, Elenawing and Fallen Red all run off the a web package I've been developing for the past 4ish years called MySite. It's nothing big nor fancy but it's meant to be a website building tool to easily and effectively make web comic websites. It's taken me some years to perfect and I'm frequently adding in new features.

Now Kingdom Star is a comic both Yee and I are trying to develop and give a relatively large amount of detail to. We simply don't want to give any one character a half arsed back story, we want to develop nearly every character with a nice and detailed back story.

So what's all this got to do with the price of fish. So basically if we have an abundance of characters, all with detailed back stories as much as the main cast then it's going to start getting hard to filter this level of information and that why I've been building a search engine into MySite. It runs on similar principles to that of Google's search engine however not going to be going to the same extent as I'm sure that could lead to copyright infringement. The search engine is currently partially finished, I do know additional features need to be implemented however because it's not currently being used it makes refinement a wee bit difficult.

Additionally a new feature has been implemented allowing people to register an email address to the site. This means people can be informed when a new page comes out without having to be continuously check the site.

p.s. I've just finished the mailing list feature, I feel traumatised.
Page: #2

Soooooo. Page 2 is out with more glorious detail. I would say this didn't cause the same level of brain aneurysm as Page 1. But that would be lying as this was actually drawn first so ended up about the same level....Though, I have to admit I enjoyed doing this page more that the first mainly because there are characters in it and that broke the monotony of "little boxes" :D

Now here's the thing. Can you find the building in Panel 1 on in Page one? You did? have a virtual cookie ^_^ Right I'll stop the Cbbcies talk now...

Anywho. Enjoy ^_^