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Page: #19
Page: #19


Well, what do you know? This is the first page in a few weeks that hasn't had me stressing at the last minute. HUZZAH! However, it's also the page that I've made the most mistakes on and had to re-draw and re-jig to make it work. Cos I'm so EPIC! <o_O> *sigh*

So it's been an interesting few weeks. Been ill, won an art competition, got pissed off with an ebay seller. I had a parcel -Birthday treat for myself-I had been waiting for since I bought it on 30/8 finally turn up Monday. The the delay was mainly due to the courier. (Tip for life: Don't use or myHermes. They are both run by morons who blame each other for screw ups)

Item was described as in excellent condition. Opened the parcel. The box of the toy was in great condition, the robot -which is predominately white - looked like the previous owner decided the self tan would look good on it. The Sun damage is horrific. Supposedly this was played with once then put back in the box. The "played with once" must have lasted several years and involved being left on a window ledge...Needless to say I have opened a case with Ebay...Why do people both to list things incorrectly. it just blows up in their faces...

...Gutted as I have been waiting years to get one of these things boxed. Oh well.......

Any way, enough of my bitching. Enjoy the page ^_^

Page: #19

Greetings one and all to another fine Kingdom Starday!

So what have I been up to, apart from coming up with the odd conceptual idea for Chapter 2 I've been working on how to Vector an image on a grand scale. So you'll notice that the background image is no longer a sketch piece anymore, this is a new vectored image (well it was) and thus is smaller and thus downloads a lot faster. I'd like to know which you guys would prefer, the sketchy version or this new vectored version. You can contact me on

Additionally another vector art I'm working on is a desktop wallpaper which will be presented to our lovely followers in one way or another... just not sure which way as of yet.

Finally I've also been working with Yee to work out a lot more of the lore of the Old World, which now has a possible name!

p.s. I'm a huge avid fan of Opera and I'm currently running off Opera 12, in Opera 15+ they've removed bookmarks and saying people should use a weird alternative. A web browser without bookmarks is like maths without the numbers.