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Page: #18
Page: #18

Well Hello Thar!

Due to a mix of being ill, then having to catch up on uni work and celebrate getting 1 year closer to death, I wasn't sure this would be up in time. But, I'm awesome, so here is page 18.

And look, another character :P Say "Hi" to Harry everyone ^_^

Sorry, I'm not being (or attempting to be) very witty ths week as I'm shattered due to this bug I've had for the past week or so. So I will bid you adue.

Enjoy people ^_^

Page: #18

Greetings one and all to another Kingdom Star day! So page 18 has come out, wow it only feels like last week page 8 had come out. Obviously the plot is progressing quite nicely ^_^ and at what I feel is a decent pace.

So what I've been doing this last week, I've been frantically attempting to get a mail merge to work between MySQL and Word 2007, oh dear god has it been an absolute nightmare. So I'd like to compare programming similar to writing a book. You start from the top and you make your way down. Each instruction, or sentence, is read through nice easy to read syntax, or punctuation. Now one doesn't want to make a sentence too long or too complicated because it'll be very difficult for the reader to understand and it's easier to experience a slip up. MySQL seems to be a special pain in the arse that needs the longest instructions ever to do the most mundane of tasks. It took me 2 days to get it to work and I had to re-write it twice because of the limitations of the languages.

I'm now on season 5 episode 7 of fringe and I've been really enjoying the show. The first 3 seasons I feel are the best and I'm still undecided on my feelings of season 5 but it's definitely a worth while watch.

Yee and I have now made ourselves contactable via email so you can give either of us feedback easily. You can find the details on the Contact Us page.

P.S. we're doing well on the TWC polls ^_^, obviously this is where every vote now counts.