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Page: #17
Page: #17

Hi there all you wonderful people ^_^

Thankfully I managed to get this complete this week after being knocked down yet ANOTHER chest infection/flu/cold thing. So now I'm stressing about the Uni work i haven't been able to to do. That said I will keep this short and sweet.

Enjoy the page people!. I have also made some slight text alterations to page 16 ^_^


Edit: A couple of typos have been corrected ^_^
Page: #17

Greetings to another Kingdom Star day!

We obviously have a very delicious page here and oh wow am I struggling massively to write this post. I went to go see Riddick on Sunday and it was glorious, hopefully there'll be another. Wow I'm just watching the clock as it ticks away. I've also been watching lots of fringe and I'm now on Season 4, so delicious! I'll hopefully append this post with more stoof soon.

Amendment 1:
Oh! I forgot to mention that I'm currently in the process of acquiring a white board so I can easily write out the time line of the KS universe. As I'm writing the articles it's becoming increasingly difficult to try and manage when events are happening if I don't have them all in front of me at the same time. White boards are the way forward!

Amendment 2:
Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that I developed a feature for MySite. Basically automatic Archives! for sweet delicious awesome bones. It's not the most interesting of things but if anyone has any suggestions I'm more than willing to hear about it... Amendment 3 will be coming very soon ^___________^