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Page: #16
Page: #16

Greetings one and all to another (slightly delayed) Kingdom Starday!

This last week has been fun, obviously it's not been that long since the last post so there isn't a massive amount of stuff to talk about since the last page. Firstly I went to go see Pain & Gain and even though it's based on a true story it's a right laugh to watch. Tonight I'm going to be seeing Riddick and *sqwee* is all I have to say to that.

Last night was also very exhausting as I didn't get home till an hour later than usual, had video editing to do, interrupted by going over to a friend's to watch Hannible (wasn't taken), followed by finishing the video editing and then a friend came over to crash and then submit her dissertation to the uni this morning.

I'm looking forward to Riddick ^____^.

Warframe is going strong and I've recently put together a hexxit server for my latest You Tubs venture. I might make it public, not sure yet.

Umm... Not sure what else there is to talk about, I'm going to be working on the Kuumao and Light Elves articles very soon... *shrug*

P.s. I loveded you guys! I Loveded you! for getting us now in the 300s for TWC ^_^.
Page: #16

Sorry, a little bit late with this one (It's 1:30am at the time of writing this.) I had a bit of an issue with Panels 4 and 5. In the sense that I completely screwed up Jerenna in them them. So I had to composite new Jerenna bits in with Sunni...And it took 3 times longer than expected *rolls eyes*

Well lookie here! A new character. Say "Hi" to Sunni every one. She's gonna be hanging around, though not always drunk :D Hmmm. Who else could we be meeting in the future? Only time will tell.

Several of other things:

1. We have hit a FANATSTIC rating on Top Web Comics of 355. THANK YOU guys sooooooo much. Please keep voting for us! The more you vote, the better known we will get, and who knows where that will lead ^_^

2. For those of you that don't know me, or for some that do, I have recently gotten into Roller Derby and the Team who are training me are having there first bout of the season on 15th September. In the Birmingham area and what to have a fun and slightly different day out? Why not come and watch the game, well games. There are 2 bouts. One for the girls and one for the boys :D
More info? Go to either of these:

Central City Roller Girls Facebook event

CCR Website

3. What "Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated." No, Seriously! Personally, I normally hate Scooby Doo, other than the odd animated movie that actually has real monsters. (13 ghost Doesn't really count as It has Scrappy Doo in it, which made it very hard to enjoy.)

This series still has people dressed up in costumes, BUT it takes the piss out of it's self, references the older shows, has a Cthulhu reference, gives an explanation to why the hell these four kids and their talking (this is also explained) dog keep popping up where mysteries need solving, gets really dark and has a psychotic Parrot (yes you read that correctly.) What more can you ask for?!

Anyway, I need to go sleep now, so I don't fall asleep whilst babysitting tomorrow (I feel like I'm back in high school o_O)

Hope you enjoy the page people ^_^