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Page: #15

Greetings one and all to another belated Kingdom Starday. So this past week has been very hectic for myself at least. So I've been pushing hard to get the Encyclopaedia ready which meant the tagging system needed to hurry up and work. Basically it all boils down to whenever someone types in a special word/phrase the website will go through each post and say "this word exists here" and then put an URL link to the page I specify. Quite cool really, that being said the following pages are ready:

As time goes one these pages may change but I can't imagine it would be too drastically. Also you may think that the amount of stuff in the encyclopedia is a bit... lacking but that's because we don't want to post everything unlinked. We'd like some stuff to appear as a sudden surprise!

So I was meant to spend this week writing up about the Light Elves (<= not meant to link yet but it will) but I'm having to write up their history as one of the original races on the Old World and going by their original name of Rune Elves. Anyway long story short the Rune Elf section wasn't a short story so I've decided to split the Rune Elf and Light Elf sections and latter will appear at some point in the future.

Another random thing is I've managed to finally solve a bug with the MySite package. So when someone, let's say Yee, uploads a comic page to the comic object a bunch of details need to be filled in along with the page getting uploaded. Now let's say a page has a spelling mistake, to upload it again would cause a problem but because I wasn't personally encountering the problem I didn't know what it was... until today! Basically it all boils down to how it all worked. First the image would get uploaded and get put in the correct location on the server, then the site would delete the old file and update the database record with the location of the new one. 50 points to anyone who's already spotted the problem! Basically if the old file and the new one had the same name it would delete the overwritten file and bang, no page to display! Simple solution was if the names are the same, don't delete the file.

Right I best go back to making this system intuitive as I've been informed that the Javascript side of this is naff! TO FIXING!!!

p.s. Don't forget to vote ^_^.
p.p.s. The encyclopaedia can be found in the menu to the left.
Page: #15

Well, there we go. Better late than never ey?

Sorry for the delay guys and thanks for your patience. I got completely smothered by uni work last week...

And then I was a slacker and went on holiday to London for the bank holiday with a BFF ....
OMG -____- ! I can't believe I just used that acronym, I'm nearly 29 FFS (depression: activated)...Well, it's justified description in this case IMO ;) (Gets Red XIII t-shirt in the mail- depression : deactivated)

Sorry, but after the week I'd had (awake over 36 hours with 4 hours sleep. not fun) I was of the opinion of "STUFF WORK OF ANY KIND I'M GOING TO WATCH MUSICALS!!!!!" TBH, I couldn't have been creative even if I tried I was so tired.

Got back late Monday night and then was exhausted Tuesday so I pretty much just drooling (a lovely image for you) on my sketch pad instead of drawing.

London was AWESOME. But not the most relaxing of Holidays. In the sense that by the end of Monday I didn't have feet, I had stumps. Especially after trawling the markets on Sunday.

Me: "Pfft! who needs public transport!"
My feet: "WE DO!"

We went to see a matinee of "Rock of Ages" on Saturday. VERY recommended if you like the "Hair Metal" and "Cock Rock" of the 80's or just like a laugh. Any production that has the narrator breaking the forth wall and also taking the piss out of the male lead is definitely worth its salt (The lead has been in the Bob the Builder stadium show so the narrator got the audience to do an obligatory "Can We Fix it? Yes We can!" call). The story is actually very different from the movie. You can see where the movie studio took the core elements but the "sucess" of the main characters is actually much more down to Earth IIRC and the threat faced by the Strip is redevelopment instead of "Christian" values. I still like the movie (which I need to rewatch) but I think prefer the musical.

So we walked out of that. Looked at each other and where like: "We Will Rock you? F**K YEAH!" And went an bought tickets for an evening show of that.

I've seen it before and love it, even if the plot is paper thin and the second act really comes across as "Screw trying to make a plot, just sing the damn songs." I would love a movie of this.
But I can see why it hasn't happened yet. The ending is a bit lack-luster, the big bad (WHO IS AWESOME)is beaten very easily and quckly after being built as a all powerful threat. And they spend the whole thing going on about mythical Rhapsody of rebel Bohemians (see what they did there?!) but the song isn't actually used in terms of the plot. It an add-on at the end.

If I had control of the world, I'd make it so there is a battle using Bohemian Rhapsody a la Scott Pilgrim

Any way, Hope you enjoy the page people ^_^