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Page: #13
Page: #13

So this last week has been a really hard one for me. As of Thursday I was informed my contract at the work will not be renewed at the end of the month. I'm currently frantically applying for work but it's difficult to find anything such sort notice but I'd like to shout out to Nick Tasker for getting me an interview at his company.

Recently I've been reading Kingdom Star and thinking to myself, "Geeze Drew, this intro is way too long, you should have cut it down to 6 pages or something." and then I started to read another webcomic recently and I'm at page #55 and stuff has only just started to happen, so I've retracted that self deprecating thought. I'm also well aware I seriously need to pull my thumb out and actually get the Encyclopaedia properly under foot, I SHALL DO THAT THING THAT WILL BE DONE!

Finally, we'd seriously love to hear your opinions of Kingdom Star. So you can contact me at:
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That would be awesome.

p.s. Pwease vote for us, think of the children...

update: so 6 hours later I've received word from my boss that I shouldn't have had that later. Weight of the world has been lifted and I'm full of all the happy beans once more.
Page: #13

I really have to stop doing these things at 4am...Seriously o_O.

Well happy people, the argument continues in one of our more busy pages panel wise. I think Arndash wins. I really wouldn't like that guy yelling me....

However, the effect is rather spoiled by my brain instantly jumping to the Horrible Histories infomercial sketches. So instead of the script, I hear "HI! I'M A SHOUTY MAN!!!!"

(To see what I'm babbling about, go here: This is one of those series I think makes the license fee worth it. Very well put together, captures the feel of the books brilliantly, the songs are fun (if annoyingly catchy) and it is actually amusing)

Hope you guys enjoy the page ^_^