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Greetings one and all to your weekly dose of sheer comic winness!

So last week I didn't post because I've been insanely busy at work and had next to no energy to do anything fun. However this last week I've been playing Warframe, a free to play game. Basically if I had to describe Warframe I'd same it's a mash up of cyborgs, exoskeletons, ninjas and then throw it all in space! Insanely good fun.

A couple of people, who I personally know, have commented saying "It's really hard to follow the comic when you get a page completely full of squiggles". Well we've heard your request and we've put together the incantations page which covers some of them.

Finally, I'm doing a Planetside 2 event thing on Sunday the 11th of August where we have small squads of people going around kicking butt and taking names then forgetting the names and proceeding to shoot team mates for making ill-gotten comments like "lasses". If you would like to join us you can contact me at

P.S. please don't forget to vote for us on Top Web Comic, we're now solidly in the 400's ^_^
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...Too tired to write something here right now....will do later....

Actually I will put this here for now in case I forget:

Righteous Jerenna is Righteous! So now we have met one of the stars of your little show ^_^

And to those readers who know Drew. Yes. Jerenna makes an appearance again. She's like a boomerang...(I could be mean and say a nasty rash, but that's just...well mean :P)

*Ducks whatever Drew throws at me for that comment*

Enjoy People

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Drew: *glares at Yee's comment*