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Page: #11

Holy Mother of fruit cakes. MY EYES.....THEY HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....

Mainly cause, in part due to the weather (the other part is because I'm just an idiot and get idea into my head like "I must clean the flat before I sleep"), I've not been in bed and asleep before 0430 and then have been up at around 0900 for the past 3 days. Not the worst levels of sleep I've been running on, but still. So how does my body tell me it's tired. Yawning? No (Cos I ignore it). Headache? No (Cos I ignore it) Migraine and making my eyes feel like they are about to pop out my skull? Yes (Cos I can't Ignore that, no matter how hard I try)

Even so, I'm ignoring it (cos I'm mighty stupid some times) and talking to you people. ^_^

So We meet another character! Some one with a name :O!

I like him. He ended up a bit more Dragon-y that I expected - I don't design these things. They just come into existence at the end of my pencil....Well that's how it feel like some times. These guys (The Narai) aren't meant to be dragon based. They are an interesting race that have a symbiotic relationship with the remains of a host of Gods that gave them selves up to save the world/universe/something. Hence the crystal things poking out his chin. The Narai, or Nandu as they were called before the Gods sacrifice and the Joining, would have died out if not for this.

I guess my subconsious inspiration was Disney's Gargoyles, the Drenai...and Gordon Ramsey. I can just see Arndash yelling "BEEF SO RAW IT'S ATTEMPTING TO EAT THE SIDE SALAD!"



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