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Page: #10
Page: #10

Well hello to page 10....The one I nearly forgot.LALALALALALALAAAAAAAAAAA >_> <_< >_> *whistles innocently*

No seriously, with being ill for the last week -I got worse, then I finally got better after dust, pollen and the cat attempted to destroy my lungs (I swear she was only being affectionate to watch me gasp for breath. "I love you Mum. HAVE SOME FUR!!!!!"...Bitch -____-* )- and the amount of work I fell behind with I actually forgot about this page <o_O>

I also think this was the fastest page I've drawn...Only 3 hours start to finish. ^_^

Well, hope you enjoy it ^_^

Page: #10

Greetings one and all. So this last week has been mega hectic. Some peeps came up to me and said "Drew, I'm not a fan of Page #9, it's got dialogue that I've got no clue what's going on!", to you people I have the solution! I present to everyone the Incantations section of the site has now become available and you can now see what the different crazy symbols mean, OK well most of them.

Last weekend I attempted to go see Pacific Rim and from what I saw of it I flat out fell in love. Apparently it's not been doing that well in the States and Del Toro believes the reason is because of Fox's bodge on trailers. The film is amazing and if you honestly haven't seen it at least once you don't know what you're missing. I'm going again today to see the last 10 minutes that I didn't get to see even though the end got spoiled for me.

Finally Mercenary Kings, a game by Tribute Games (scott pilgrim game), came to Steam Early access yesterday. Think Megaman but you can make your own insane gun, piece by piece, to shoot all the bullets!

This now all being said I'm off to bed.
Night the Dudes!

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