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Greetings one and all to the first page of Kingdom Star. This lovely open city shot of Terrace III gives me a nice nostalgic feeling. A few years ago I ran a Dungeons and Dragons roleplay set on an island of crazy strange magics and stuff. For the roleplay I developed an application that would run through different images on my living room TV and I'd commission Yee to depict different scenes. This was her first city shot and holy sweet bagesus the detail is incredible, so many little boxes it was just mind blowing!

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I love little boxes....No, really.....

I will not lie I'm not a huge fan of drawing environments. I prefer characters as they are more interesting to draw. They have curve and contorts that boxes, well, don't ^_^ (Remind me of that when I have to do a crowd scene and am b*tching about it and wanting to draw little boxes as they are easier....)

Any who, Welcome to the first page. I hope you enjoy it and the ones to come. I will endeavor to be as chatty as Drew, but sometimes I may not think of something witty enough. If I'm not being too chatty on here, try visitng our FaceBook page