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About the Artist
Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to Kingdom Star a fantasy /sci-fi comic created by Drew and I.

Who am I? I'm Yee Morgan, artist and, as Drew has neglected to this point out, co-author to this fine comic. So basically my role is to create the pages you will hopefully enjoy and keep reign on Drew when he decides to do something stupid. *Ducks the mouse (computer variety) that's just been thrown at my head*

I'm an animator and I'm on the way to be coming a programmer with a nice piece of paper from an top notch university to prove it. I've been involved in several comic projects through The Midlands Comic Collective (MC2) and have done professional work (comic, animation and video editing) for Neo Magazine, Jesper Records and RBS (don't "Boo" me, it was a godsend as it got me away from the other work I was employed to do)

Like Drew I'm a fan of things like Games of Throne, as well as pretty much everything that would define you as a "Geek." Good plot and characters are what make things interesting and draw me into a series so that I don't surface until I've come to the end. I wanted to get involved with this project as I intrigued with the idea of mixing the sci-fi and fantasy genres and creating an in depth world. It also meant I got to draw cows/wolves/pandas in space in the little spare time I have. What's not to love?!

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I do drawing it ^_^


About the Author
Greetings one and all to another Minecraft... wait a second, this is hand written... and not a video!

The above statement is relatively legitimate. If you don't know who I am I'm Drew Masci, one of the names at the bottom of this website and I do many silly things with my spare time, one of which is to create YouTube videos and the other is to write and pay for another webcomic. I'm quite insane as I pretty much destroy my social time in order to get this all done but it's all fun!

I personally am a big fan of anything that's got a good amount of plot and a little amount of drama. I enjoy shows like True Blood and Game of Thrones but I cannot watch them on a weekly basis, I'd rather get them all watch a marathon of them because both those shows have huge massive cliff hangers at the end of every episode and god it drives me insane!

That being said why did I want to write Kingdom Star? Well I was honestly inspired by two things, the Warcraft universe and the latest Dredd film (which I personally felt was awesome). In the world today we have so many Warcraft books it's nice to just chill out from time to time and just read some of them and being able to read a name and go "Oh, I know what he looks like!". Not only that but I've started from the first Warcraft books (before World of Warcraft was released) and being able think to myself "I know where this is going but even so I'm really enjoying the journey" is great. But the difference here is that I personally know of no series where the world of a fantasy series ever meets that for a future based series, especially that of a dystopian future. What would happen if man kind wasn't the only race on earth and we had to share it? What kind of hardships would those races suffer from? Why couldn't everyone just get along? These are all questions that are rarely touched and I not only do I want to touch them but bury my hands in them!