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Page: #6

urgal burgle hurgle durgal, this is clearly a greeting with no lower jaw. Obviously inspired by the undead character in the page.

So what has been going on this past week... sleep deprivation, lots and lots of sleep deprivation. So I learned the value of quiet last night when I received a few facebook messages on my phone and my phone went woob woob multiple times. I've been working my backside off to get... stuff... done. I'm actually writing this post at 23:23 and wow I'm tired. I spent 5 hours yesterday recording stuff for my YouTube channel and then and 1 hour tonight editing and two and a half hours rendering (it's actually still render). On this plus side I've got a long weekend this weekend and I'll be working on stuff, Kingdom Star stuff.

Page: #6

I will have you know her diction is perfect. Apologise now before you hurt her feelings! Look at Raziel from Soul Reaver/ The Legacy of Kain series. He had no problems enunciating. :P

I liked this page, I got to mess around with undead characters and come up with gribbly designs like internal organs floppping about everywhere. OM NOM NOM!

And Yes, I am alive. Sorry fpor npt being very talkative lately. Uni work is attempting to swallow my life....

Enjoy people ^_^